Duromine withdrawal

Written by April Galt, BSc, MBA on October 21, 2021 — Qualified nutritionist reviewed by Jodie Theia ANutr, GDipNut, BSc, BA, Nutrition

When you stop taking a stimulant cold turkey, the so-called withdrawal symptoms can hit you hard. Duromine is no exception to this rule. Keep reading to learn more about the most common after effects of Duromine, the reasons for their occurrence and how to overcome them.

What happens when you stop taking Duromine

Long-term use of Duromine often results in addiction to this drug. And it is not only about the physical impact, but also about the psychological dependence. Some people tend to associate weight loss exclusively with Duromine, especially if they saw no results during their previous slimming attempts. People convince themselves that they are incapable of losing weight without using this drug, so they tend to take the medicine non-stop.

Why can Duromine after effects cause physical symptoms? Duromine helps control appetite and feel full for a long time by influencing a specific area of the brain. The drug stimulates the central nervous system, reducing hunger and increasing energy levels. When you stop taking the medication, your brain needs time to adjust to the new conditions. The concentration of neurotransmitters changes, and this might temporarily affect your mood and physical condition.

Common withdrawal symptoms and ways to overcome them

Each person’s body has its own peculiarities, which is why symptoms vary in different people. Most frequently reported coming off duromine symptoms are the following:

  • fatigue, which is a natural aftereffect for the cessation of the stimulating drug effect;
  • mood worsening, because the drug no longer stimulates dopamine production;
  • insomnia – sadness and bad mood can negatively affect sleep patterns;
  • fixation on the medication – all of the above symptoms often cause a strong desire to resume the use of the drug.

One more of possible Duromine symptoms is weight regain. Duromine is not a magic wand, and it can’t make you get rid of extra weight forever. The drug does help you lose weight, but the challenge of maintaining the weight and the achieved results remains with the Duromine user.

You can check the struggles and helpful tips from real people, who went through the same situation in one of the threads in a popular

It is always easier to solve a problem in an effective way if you communicate with like-minded people who overcame similar difficulties.

You can minimize or avoid withdrawal symptoms by following your doctor’s instructions. It is necessary to strictly adhere to the recommended dose, not to exceed the duration of Duromine therapy and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Bottom line

Duromine is an effective anti-obesity drug. However, it can cause withdrawal symptoms in some people due to its stimulating effect. People may experience irritability, fatigue, bad mood, etc. A healthy lifestyle and careful follow-up to your doctor’s recommendation can help you overcome withdrawal symptoms quickly or avoid them completely.

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