Your Side Effects?

Kimberley Lewis

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Apr 24, 2015
Today is day 3 of taking Duromine 30mg.
I'm 161cm, 74kgs.
I haven't weighed myself since day 1.
The first day, I had your common "speed" feeling, Dry mouth.. Insomnia. Day 2, I just had dry mouth.
Today however, I'm not sure if this has anything to do with the Duromine, But my skin is blotching purple all over! I have tingling sensations throughout my hands and my toes feel as if they're frozen. Dizzy, Slight headache and dry mouth.

I did read about all side effects but haven't seen any in regards to mottling skin.

Anyone else?

My head is starting to burn, So I'm booking A doctors appointment :) I have been known to have poor blood circulation, So hoping it's just because of that.