Worried About Starting Duromine + My Usual Exercise


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Mar 18, 2015
I'm about to start taking Duromine, Im not obese, Im just wanting to be on Duromine short term and loose around 10kgs (currently 60kgs)
My main concern/worry is the increased heart rate.
Ive been going to the gym the last few months regularly, and I usually do HIIT workouts or interval training which can get my heart rate quite high, can be up to around 190 and I sweat like crazy (which is good haha)
But when i start taking duromine and my heart rate increases, should i be doing my usual work out routine? Im worried my heart rate will get too high and something bad will happen like a heart attack. Or should i just be doing low intensity workouts.
I dont drink any coffee etc, I am 23 female.

Any help would be greatly appreciated so im completely informed before I begin.