Whole 30 And Duromine Challenge


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Oct 12, 2014

I think I've probably spent the majority of my adult life thinking about my weight which is pretty sad and a little embarrassing. I've tried lots of things, and I know the sensible thing is to eat less and exercise more, I know that crap food isn't good for my physical or mental health, yet here we are.... back at the place I swore I've never go to again. 108kgs.....

About 3 years ago I was this weight and i tried the HCG diet and religiously followed it for 4 weeks and then continued being very fit and healthy and then for various reasons life fell back into the usual habits.

I will sign up with a personal trainer and do that for a few weeks, then life gets in the way for various reasons.

I run my own business and don't really have much of a schedule, I need to travel a lot so it can be difficult to commit to a routine, but at the end of the day I know that it's not that hard to chuck on some runners and go for a jog for 20mins, or do some lunges, star jumps and push ups in the hotel room, I just never do.

I"m tired of being tired and feeling crap about the fact that I am useless at sticking to a healthy eating plan. So I thought I"d give this a go.

I spoke with my Doctor who recommended I try this drug, I have to admit i was very hesitant as the idea of synthetic meth/speed isn't really that appealing. But I'm doing it alongside the whole 30 food challenge and hoping it will kick start me back into healthy eating habits and seeing the results I'll feel positive and happy to keep going.

This blog is an accountability measure to keep me honest and to find others for support and information to help me through.

I"m currently a size 18 (I'm 6ft tall) and weigh 108. For me the aim isn't the number on the scale it's more being able to fit into my old clothes - size 14, and feel confident with the way I look. I'll never be nor do I want to be "thin" I love that I have a bum and an hour glass figure.

My goal is to kick start a healthy way of thinking about food and exercise and importantly learning to love myself so that the healthy choices feel like rewarding myself not punishing myself.

My doctor has prescribed it for one cycle, with a view that i take it for 5 days, then have two days break then back again, so i guess 30 tablets is 6 weeks, which should be a good amount of time to set some new habits.

Today is day 1, I've actually felt really good all day, I had a poached egg with some salad leaves and capsicum for breakfast, then a big walk with my husband and the dog with a long black coffee which was a bit weird not having the milk, but I'll get used to it - the whole 30 challenge is to do 30 days of whole food so no diary, no sugar, no carbs just real food.

Lunch was some grilled chicken but really wasn't that hungry.

Dinner we had Doro Wat which is the most delicious ehthipion chicken dish - check it out on nom nom paleo.
Hubby had his with sweet potato, I added extra chicken stock to mine and had it as a soup and then a side of salad - was really tasty and yum.

After an intense nail biter of a finale for the block (auction night!!), I'm now aiming to read and relax to try and get into the zone to sleep well, as I am told the duromine can give you insomnia.

I have also had a lot of issues due to a number of surgeries for endometriosis, so a bit nervous about the constipation element as well, as i had a bowel resection 4 years ago and that wasn't fun.

Anyway, day 1 down, feeling good.
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