Well, It Has Been Three Months

Samuel Smith

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Jun 12, 2014
Three months this Friday, anyway :)

I thought I may share my experience as I've been intrigued reading what others have been through.

I started Duromine 30mg three months ago. I had a fair amount of weight to lose and still some to go until I am where I want to be.

When I first took Duromine - I felt awesome. I had read some horror stories about anger, frustration, hair loss, lack of concentration. While some of these apply to me, overall it was good. I had some odd sensations like my hands tingling and the strong heart beat, but that passed in a couple of days.

The first week had me not eating at all. It was strange in that not only was I not hungry, I was not particularly interested in eating at all. Worse still, I didn't feel thirsty so I was not really drinking.

That didn't last, into the second week I was starting to have a bit of toast and some fruit for lunch. I was still having a beer with dinner at this stage.

First two weeks, 8kg down

The rest of that month slowed down a bit. All the energy I had in the first two weeks was gone. I was still sleeping ok but I was not bursting with it as I was.

First month, 12kg down.

The second month eased things up a little. Things were pretty normal. I had noticed the scales didn't move like they were. I stopped my beer with dinner and things kept on going. At this stage I was noticing some hair was falling out. Not too much but a couple of strands here and there. The dry mouth set in and I started to grind my teeth.

Second month, 20kg down.

The third month was the worst for symptoms. Still losing some hair (not much) and the dry mouth is pretty constant. I eat three meals a day now, making better choices then I was and drinking a lot of water. I am almost looking forward to taking a break from the drug.

But, for the punch line I am down 25kg. I started at 125kg and 181cm and have lost the 25kg over three months so I'm at an even 100kg with a 102cm waist.

Even with side effects of the drug, I think its great. Dropping 25kg has been life changing. I hope others have the same success I have had.
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May 15, 2014
Thanks for sharing. It's great to hear peoples stories! NIce work with your weight loss, I'm am glad it has worked for you.


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Nov 21, 2009
Thank you for your story, Samuel!
You had your ups and downs, side effects and good results, but you coped with all that.
Congratulations on your loss!

Lanny Edey

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May 1, 2014
Well done, now let the journey to being awesome begin. Sounds like you were very honest with yourself and wanted to take control of your future.
Very happy for you.

Rock on, stay fab :)