Week 1 On 40mg With Total 4.3kg Loss!! Feeling Good :)


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Apr 2, 2015
I am 29yrs old, my start weight was 123.1kgs
and after one week on the 40mg with no exercise (expect running after two kids) and eating healthy my current weight is
That's a total of 4.3kgs lost!! I feel great :) took a couple of days to get into a good sleep pattern on them but I find the earlier you take in morning the better. I also do not feel hungry throughout the day but still force myself to eat a very small snack cause I know starving myself is not a good idea! I have loads more energy and I am in a good frame of mind to keep on keeping on and shift the remaining 43kilos to achieve my goal weight of 75kgs! :)
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Nov 21, 2009
Welcome, IsaGirl!
You are doing great, I agree that the earlier you take the pills - the better. But a little snack is still not enough. I mean, you will lose more weight, but when you stop the pills you will have to eat normally again because your appetite will be back, so you have to teach your body at this stage to eat small but 3-5 times a day. Make it as a good habit - one apple, for example, then a handful of nuts, or berries, whatever. Nothing fatty and sweet I mean. Once you get used to this regime, your body will be losing stably and you will not regain weight. This way it will not be a great shock for your body after the pills withdrawal. It's just my advice:)

Weight loss is a hard work, just like raising kids, girl:cool: