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Sep 25, 2012
Gosford NSW
so i've been off duromine for a few days with the flu. I've just started again, just wondering with the right diet and exercise how much weight can i expect to lose in 15days? I have a wedding to attend :/ i would greatly appreciate it if anyone can post their story at the 2week mark, i'm desperate! Thanks.


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Oct 6, 2012
Hello Ayvaah,
I am on DAY 3 of duromine. Here are my stats and what I have been doing.
Height: 167cms or 5'6
SW: 98kgs
CW: 96.2kgs
GW: 68kgs
I have also lost about 9cms from My waist, thigh, bum and arm which I have added together.
I eat 5 small meals a day. Small bowl of cereal, piece of fruit, small lunch ham & eggs or something, piece of fruit and dinner meat & veg & 3 liters of water & two green or peppermint teas a day for that sweet drink feeling.
I also have done about 30mins exercise every day, running walking on the treadmill & weights.
I realise I am only a new starter but I hope that may help.
P.s I should include symptoms. I feel very wired in the AM, lots of energy til late arvo, a bit needy to my partner to love me (yeah I know he loves that!! *Kidding*) Did have a clenched jaw for the first day, & body tingles and not really sleeping but still feel like I have slept all day. No symptoms yet today.