Started 30mg Today, From South Africa


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Feb 26, 2013
South Africa
So I finally bit the bullet and decided to start Duromine today, the 30mg. In April last year I started this weight loss journey and between then and now (i.e. - one year) I have lost 15kg, but have since become stuck (thankfully I have not gained it back).

I have been eating very badly in the past week so I was too afraid to venture onto the scale this morning. I took Duromine at 5.30am and it is now almost 3pm and so far so good. No side effects except a feeling of complete relaxation? Odd? I had a small breakfast and a tiny lunch. Not sure what I will have later, but I will keep it small. I am feeling somewhat picky though...

Regarding the scale - I do not plan to get onto it until the end of May. I want to run with the Duromine for a month and then weigh myself to see. I will know in my body if it is helping or not.

I was going to only take it on Mon, Wed, and Fri each week, but now I am wondering if i should perhaps go with a daily schedule for the first 7 days. Any thoughts on this?


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Jun 25, 2013
Hey hey, I started my 30mg today :)

I have been on Duromine before, in 2006 I took it for the first time (SW58) and it was wonderful! I went down to 49Kg in a year...and then got off it & maintained a 55KG till 2009. this was done by starting off with the 15mg in month one, and then moved to 30mg

I basically worked out 4times a week and hardly ate, due to having ZERO appetite ...I lived on Fanta Orange, then switched to flavourd water...(Dont try this, this was not a healthy option)

I had my daughter in 2010, and gained weight .I have always been an active person, so i really enjoy working out....I however found that i was having trouble loosing the weight the right way (Running 4km 3times a week&doing stairs..)my eating habit was rather disappointing, i didnt eat alot, i just ate the WRONG type of foods!

I have gained weight due to this and feel VERY depressed because i have never been over 60kg and now i am 63kg according to my scale. So i decided to take Duromine again, give me that kick-start into eating correctly.

My suggestion to you is to take it Monday-Friday,and not to take it on the weekends.

...the reason why i suggest this, is that prolonged use of Duromine becomes noneffective because your body. Therefore to avoid this, take breaks in between taking it.

Also EAT...even if you dont get hungry, have a small portion of food (Salad, fruits, protein,Veggies, Yogurt etc)

Drink lots of water and Green Tea, to make up atleast 2.5L H20 intake

Add cardio to your programme and light weights....increasing the intensity, with your weightloss, endurance,stamina and strength.

I hope my advice works for you.

Good Luck and Remember YOU CAN DO IT!!!

South Africa
28, Female
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Nov 21, 2009
Hello, Dee!
Let me ask you what is your height? Because if you didn't know the pills are meant for extreme obesity and people whose BMI is over 27. Really can't understand why you took the pills with 58kgs! You could easily drop this weight off on your own.