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Oct 8, 2014
From what I've read most people will lose weight with Duromine as it suppresses your appetite and therefore you eat less. If your energy expenditure is more than your energy (calorie) intake you will lose weight.
Think about your energy expenditure in this equation....What do you do when you're not sitting at a work desk, sitting in your car, or lying in front of the TV? Only YOU can change your body! If you're motivated enough to spend $100 a month on pills, dig a bit deeper and motivate yourself to get up and actively engage in YOUR LIFE.
Go play with your dogs (or kids :)) , get stuck onto the gym,or gardening, go for a walk, or bike ride. PRIORITISE YOUR LIFE!!!
I personally found Duromine made me take a good look at what I was eating and drinking. It is so hard to eliminate the crap from your diet. Duromine made it very easy for me to stop eating the sugary snacks I love, but when I stopped taking the tablets the cravings for those foods came back.
Willpower, commitment and determination to stay on track are needed when the pills stop! Remember, weight loss is very much a mental game! Focus and visualise your goal. It won't be easy but Duromine can be the warm up challenge to get you in the game. Good luck!


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Feb 12, 2015
South Australia
My problem has never been diet. I just eat too much. I have always been a very active person until my lifestyle changed very dramatically due to illness. From my perspective, it is very easy NOT to eat processed food, or any food you think you shouldn't eat, you just don't buy it. Personally I don't like or crave anything, especially 'junk', sugar, fried stuff or fats. I could elaborate about budget and meal planning, but you know what to do. It's easy for an under active person to say you should exercise, but there are people, like myself, who physically can't exercise not for lack of wanting or trying. Also I have prioritised my life, and there is no time for the gym, gardening, going for a walk or a bike ride now I have a special needs child to care for, he is my priority for the next few years. He is another reason reason I don't exercise and I have gotten fat.


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Nov 21, 2009
Well, Jaslyn it will just take you much longer to get to your desired point if you cannot increase your physical activity for some reason. That's a fact. Duromine will help to minimize food intake, but your body should burn fat as well. But this is no reason to despair, you can still lose weight.