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Kylie Luond

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Sep 25, 2013
Hi Guys

I am trying Duromine for the first time. I am in New Zealand, we have to get it on prescription here. I have always struggled with my weight, My husband and I were successful in our first IVF treatment, had a gorgeous baby boy. However I piled on the weight during pregnancy 34 kgs in total. I was not skinny before either. So ballooned up to 104 kgs, had baby, and been sitting round the 94kg mark, but now up to 95.7kgs. To be able to do IVF again here in NZ my BMI needs to be under 25, its currently 31. I tried just dieting, went on Raspberry Ketone, Liprexonal, and Skinny Fibre, nothing was helping me shift the weight. I do suffer from PCOS so weight loss is that much harder for me anyway.

Went to the doc on Monday and she suggested Duromine 15mg, for a month and then re-evaluate again in a months time. Took my first tablet yesterday and found my self actually starving, I was so hungry was pretty much living in the pantry. Today however is different. I had a good size breakfast, and its lunch time now, and I am still feeling full, no urge to eat. Feel a little light headed and have a dry mouth, but from what I have been reading on other peoples posts this is quite normal?? I also feel more alert but not like I am going to fly off the walls or anything.

So starting point is 95.7kgs as of Monday, will weigh myself in a week and hopefully see progress even if its 100grms, anything to get my BMI under 25 to try for another baby :)


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Nov 21, 2009
Hi, Kylie!:)

It's good to know you're trying to change things to have another baby, they're our treasure!
I think Raspberry and other supplements didn't go well for you, because they require a complex approach...
But this time when you're taking Duromine, you should know that you need to take it very seriously. I always say to ladies here that these are no magic pills and they should still stick to a diet (low carb, 4-5 meals a day + snacks; water) and do exercises. Most of us don't like exercises and hardly can do a squat, not mentioning jogging or even gym classes. But these are a must if you really want to lose weight, believe me I have a great experience!

So, ask yourself: do you really need it? what are you willing to go through to achieve this goal? Because stable and amazing results don't come through cheating))) I mean, you should be strong and purposeful, never give up and never turn from your path.

Speaking of the first effects you've experienced recently...yes, these are quite common at the beginning, don't worry. Best tip: schedule all your meals (4-5 and couple of snacks: apple, nuts, fresh veggies, yogurt, etc.). Better they be at the same time every day. Drink more water than you usually do. Start from walking for 30-40 minutes. Then add some exercises.

I am sure that respecting these small ips, you can get to your desired goal, just do not expect quick and massive loss at the first few weeks or even a month.

Good luck! ;)