Not Sure If Duromine Is Working?


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Jul 4, 2014
Hi everyone!

First of all, I am so thankful I found this forum!

Well, after having my third baby, I went from 53kgs pre-baby weight, to a whopping 75kgs. After my first 2 babies, I lost all the baby weight within the first 8 months; but this time around, it has been a whole different story.

Feeling depressed about my weight and not getting back to my pre-baby body as quickly as I did the first two times, I seeked help from my doctor. She started me off on 15mg for a month.

So far it has been 15 days, and although I haven't jumped on the scales yet (as I'm too scared of the disappointment) I feel like I haven't lost much, if any at all! But the thing is, I am killing myself with Cardio workouts 5x per week, for at least an hour at a time; and sometimes I even exercise twice during the day if I get a chance. And of course, as a mother of 3 under 5 years of age, I am constantly on the go anyway. Even finding the time to exercise with 3 children is difficult in itself, but I am managing it.

I'm just lost as to why I feel like the weight hasn't been falling off me?! Has anyone else had this? I'm not sure if it's the eating though?

Question: Because Duromine suppress' your appetite, are you not supposed to eat that much during the day? Because that's what I've been doing. Watching what I've been eating, and eating very little.

If it works by suppressing your appetite, then doesn't that defeat the purpose if you still eat normally? So confused!

I'm hoping that when I go back to the doctor she'll put me on the 30mg, or even 40mg, because I don't really feel like the 15mg is doing anything! I think it's more that I've tried to make myself believe that it's working... if that makes sence?

Also I'll add in there that I'm probably the fussiest person in the world, so that makes life a lot harder when trying to diet!

Thank you so much for taking the time out to read my novel - any feedback would be greatly appreciated :)


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Nov 21, 2009
Hello, Missmoana!:):):)

First of all thank you. Thank you for joining us.
Now, let's try to help you with your issues.
So - Duromine. Yes the whole point of this drug is to suppress the appetite. Why? Because most of overweight/obese people feel like they are constantly hungry. That's a fact. Been there myself))) So, Duromine helps to stop overeating and snacking all day long. But.

Human body can't survive without food, you know that too. So, what shall we do about this confusion? My answer is - eat. Force yourself to eat WHEN YOUR BODY ACTUALLY NEEDS IT. But you may ask me: how do I know when this time comes if I don't feel hungry? The answer is: Make a daily schedule. Diet is not just NOT EATING, but eating properly. When I was doing this, I used to cook simple salads, boiled/stewed meat, put in small containers and taking it with me at work.

If you look through different topics and threads on our forum, you'll see that there are three simple rusles for best weight loss. Here they are:

1. Low-calorie diet (4-5 small meals a day). Scary huh?))) Don't worry. The whole point of it is to eat small(!) portions - 3 main meals: breakfast (is a must), lunch, dinner and a couple of snacks in between (nuts, fresh fruit, berries, protein shake or yogurt). Drink lots of water. Small meals contain little calories (veggies, some meat, dairy), so even if you eat 4 times per day, you will lose weight.

2. Duromine (take a pill as early as you can at the same time daily). It is important to take the pill early in the morning (after the breakfast to protect your stomach) and at the same time every day to avoid insomnia and other side effects. Actually any pills should be used at the same time daily. Regime.

3. Exercises (that's a must too). Well, I see no problem here, since you're doing crazy workouts. It's good, but I would suggest you to slow down a little. There was a post somewhere about cardio... The point is that you should not "torture" your heart and muscles with treadmill (or whatever cardio you chose) for an hour! Only a pro athlete can do 1h of cardio. But you shouldn't. You are young and you need healthy heart. Besides, only cardio will never give you that calorie -> weight loss that you need. My advice is to do 15min of cardio for warm ups, then some strength exercises (anything you like, push-ups, sit-ups, abs...with or without dumbells, etc.) and another 10min of cardio afterwards. Exercises on strength will tighten up your skin a bit, so that you can lose weight without having much of loose skin.

You should not be afraid of weighing yourself. I think you have lost some weight already, sometimes you can't see and feel it.
I hope I helped you today and soon you will share us your numbers! Take care!
Wow that was long)))))))))))) Sorry:p