No Weight Loss

Robyn Fynn

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May 15, 2015
Hi . I am a 104kg, 1,73cm tall female. I am into my second week of metermine 30mg and have not lose any weight. I still have cravings and am constantly hungry. The only thing I have had is insomnia, restlessness and dry mouth. Has anybody experienced similar


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Nov 21, 2009
Hello, Robyn

What about your calorie consumption? Maybe you still have cravings because you don't eat enough? Think of it. Doctors suggest consuming at least 1200 kcal per day for a stable and healthy weight loss. Have you measured/weigh yourself after these weeks? If you are talking about the scale numbers - maybe your body retains water hence it seems your weight does not move. Also, everyone's different and the results are different too. According to your side effects, you have the authentic Duromine, strange...

Another option - to increase the dose, but you should never do it by yourself - ask the doctor.
Hope you will lose weight soon :)