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Aug 22, 2012
So what better time that 1am to start writing on this forum. So I'm day 2 on 30mg and not getting much sleep!! Im surprised I can function but I have never been so productive and motivated.

Few things about myself I'm 26 yr old female currently weighing 81kg and 5"6. I came across duromine after visiting the doctor (not my normal dr just some random) for a blood test and I mentioned I was struggling losing weight and he said if I'm still struggling in a few weeks to come back and he will give me a prescription. So not that keen on the idea I just forgot about it until Saturday when I just felt helpless and on a down hill battle with my weight. The idea of covering up through another summer and avoiding the beaches kills me!!

So Monday was day 1, took the tablet at 5am and by the time I got to work at 8am I was buzzing... Clearly not my usual self and sweating bullets. I felt really amped... And I was enjoying it.
Last night I think I slept an hour or so but was functioning just fine even enough to go to an hour boxing class in the evening (sweated like there was no tomorrow more so that usual.. Definitely not pleasant)
Tonight I nodded off at about 10 and was wide awake at 12... The lack of sleep is not really bothering me at the moment but it's prob because I quite like all this free time!!

I haven't told anyone but my partner that I'm taking this and I don't plan to as I know people won't understand and will be quick to judge.

I am confident this will assist me getting to where I need to be and keeping me motivated to change my lifestyle... Love the drive and motivation you get from weight loss.

So here's to day 3