Michelle Eddy

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Aug 5, 2014
Hi All.

Im Michelle im 29 and from NSW. After years of being on diets and weight loss programs that always failed, I am about to embark on my Duromine journey after a recommendation from my doctor.
I am a skeptical person and was hesitant to even try Duromine as everything else ive tried has failed, but im all for trying anything once and feel that this is my last resort to losing weight (apart from gastric band surgery which I do not qualify for as my BMI isnt high enough)

I am starting this journey at 140kgs (not the heaviest ive been but close to it) my doctor wants me to lose 40kgs in 6 months which im going to try my hardest to do.

I do have a question though... how do you avoid getting the saggy skin that comes with weight loss?? Do i need to start lifting weights etc at the gym??

I just hope this works as I am at a loss as to what else to try.

Hope to chat to some of you soon

Cheers, Michelle.


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Nov 21, 2009
Hello Michelle!
The surgery should be the last solution imho. You can't completely avoid saggy skin if you lose great amount of weight. That is fact unfortunately. Although you can try to minimize the damage -> apply special cream or oil to the skin daily throughout your weight loss journey. And exercise of course. I don't know what exactly you CAN lift in the gym, you should consult a pro coach, at least consult, not necessarily to hire him. I hope you will find this new weight loss plan useful and I wish you to lose weight with as less side effects as possible!
Good luck!