Newbie on Day 2 :)



Hi Everyone

Im new to this forum. After a long battle of trying to lose weight after having two children I went to my local GP and told her im desperate to lose afew kilos. She put me on Metermine (genetic brand).
Today is my second day on Metermine. Having read all the side effects I was concerned. All im having is much less sleep eg 3 hours a night tossing and turning and find around 8pm im so tired that i want to crash which i do .
Im not complaining and I know we can all do it and will get there eventually :)

Weighed myself this morning and Shocked to see I have lost Just over 1kg.
Im so pleased with my results

I excercise quite alot
Zumba Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (60 mins each class)
Walk Monday, Tuesday Thursday and Friday (60 mins)

Thats my lil story guys. Wishing you all the best.