Newbie Looking Into Starting Duromine


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May 21, 2014
Hi :)
So I'm a big girl 95 kilos and I'm looking at starting duromine. I go to the gym 4x a week for 1.5 hours.. But this hasn't stopped me from feeling hungry all the time!!!
My doctor 6 months ago wanted me to go on it but I thought I'd give the gym a go first. Iv lost 7 kilos but I'm still always so hungry no matter what!
I would love to hear some feedback from you all and how you have found it

I'm so embarrassed to talk to my new doctor about it. I feel like they won't understand and will push me away from it. Any pointers?


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Mar 26, 2014
Outback nsw
Hi, I was 99kg at the start of the year and went to the gym 4 days a week and was eating healthy. I had lost a few kgs but was so hungry all the time and then my weight loss really didn't go anywhere.
I told my doctor about it as ive also had a lot of other medical issues and he suggested it to me. My doctor is the only one that knows im on it....not even my fiancé as I was too embarrassed to tell him or anyone else.
Don't be embarrassed to ask your doctor! They should be happy you are wanting to get fit and lose the weight. Just make sure you tell them you have already been losing weight( so they know your committed) and ask if they can help.
Good luck, see how you go. I started on 15mg and it was great but then I was getting hungry again so I have been on 30mg for a few weeks


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May 13, 2014
Hi Ashlea! First, well done on your 7kg's. That is a LOT. :laughing:

Just take a deep breath and talk to your doctor. First, understand that there are some doctors that wont prescribe it, and will refer you back to eating habits and gym, not understanding the "hunger" issue that some of us deal with.

But, explain your situation, mention to your doc about your old doc wanting to give it to you.

I just finished half the first pack of Duromine 30. I don't have any side affects...I sleep well and able to function as normal. I just don't have the GREAT HUNGER all the time anymore, and that is awesome. I have a dry mouth, but that helps with me drinking my 8 glasses of water a day. I just found that once you start it, take care in planning food. You tend to skip meals very easily and that is not the way to go. You have to eat even if you are not hungry. Eat right and continue your gym. Just great that gym already - that is my downfall.

Good luck ;)


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Nov 21, 2013
Hi Ashley

I have been using Duromine for about 3 months now, the 30g strength, and so far my total weight loss is 8kg. It definitely helps, especially with cravings and appetite control. As far as side effects are concerned, I had a few for the first two weeks - bit moody, trouble falling asleep - but it only lasted a short while. I guess when your body gets used to the drug the side effects diminish.

I would certainly recommend it, and since you are already exercising you should see great results!

Good luck, and congratulations with your weight loss so far!!:):)