Newbie Looking For Love Hehe




Im new to this forum. Im very excited.

I have decided to be honest here as going public I have been told is paramount in weight loss.
I have been single for 15 years. YES 15 years with no man. My husband left me 15 years ago, so food has been my best friend. BUT, Im so ready to let go. I have been really working on the emotional side of this and have discovered thru counselling I have been using food for loneliness (big time) and also because being obese has kept me safe. From being hurt again. I dont go out, my life is ruled by my weight. I hate public, Im terrified of people looking at me and of bumping into someone I know.
What drove me to change is I have been told I have have pre-diabetes and to change now or I will get diabetes in less then a year. They also said I have other weight related problems.
But if Im totally honest. I desperatly want to feel good about myself and I WANT A MAN. I want to date again so much. Being 65kg overweight has left me with no confidence at all. NONE.
I want to feel so good about myself and ooze confidence.

So here I go: Im 125 KGs and only 5'5- Starting Duromine when I fill the script. So with Duromine, this forum and my counselling I will no longer have food as my best friend.

I do have one question though. My friends and family said 100% guarteened this WONT work and I will gain it back the minute I stop taking duromine......Is this true?



I know how you feel, I'm a food addict and it honestly kind of rules my life too.
I believe this can work. If we want to make it work.
I took my first tablet today.
I'm determined to make this work. Fill your script woman and do it with me!
I'm about 30kg's overweight. I'm a size 18 and have been miserable for years, since I had the kids. Now they're both at school I want to start living. I tend to hide out too, but I don't want to anymore. I don't want to be bitter for the rest of my life.

Good luck mate, have faith in yourself. Someone once said to me if you want something badly enough, you will do what it takes to get it.
Time for you to be happy and have some fun!!! (Me too :p )



I am also new, i also have to lose +20kg's.

It feels like a mountain that i have to climb but i have decided that i need to do this so that i can feel good about myself again.

I have been with my boyfriend for 11 years but am so insecure about losing him because when i see pretty thin girls then i always want to think that he will be interested in them because look what i look like.

I am pushing him away by doing this and i need to stop. If i can lose this weight then i can maybe start thinking that i am also pretty again.

What eating plan are you guys on and what exercise do you guys do?

I got the tablets through a friend so i have no clue how to maximize the effect.

Lovies me.
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Oct 26, 2010
Hello, everyone here:)

I’m glad to see new girls here.:)

I’m also new, I received my delivery yesterday. So, today I’ve got my first pill in the morning/
So, all of us are ready and just started to climb their own Everest))
Yes, I’m doing my exercises for two weeks already, while I was waiting for my delivery, I couldn’t wait
I don’t like running, but know exactly – it works.
I’m doing sits and swings- I believe that it’s best
At least for thirty mins
And I walk much.

And now I’m eating only vegs, and was nicely approved by Kate here, she advised me avoid so far fried and seasoned vegs, only stewed.

I wish all of us good luck. we'll do it:)
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Nov 21, 2009
Very welcome at our forum. :)
You are gorgeous because you’ve decided to be beauty and this is the first step in your goal achievement, believe me. All our victories appear in our mind first.
So, your healthy was close to edge, but your decision is right in time.:)
How long you have been married?
Anyway 15 years is enough for celibacy!!
Yes, in certain cases food substitutes for sex, but all of us here will support you in losing weight.
You can rely on me and ask any question, I’m here to help you.
if your doctor gave a script, it means that you don’t have contraindications.
The drug works much more often than it doesn’t.
Don’t listen to anyone, try first, you will see. The first days the process will go on quickly.
During the treatment with diet pill, your stomach will get used to tiny portions, so, if you keep this healthy style, you will not gain any kg.
A lot of women managed to lose the weight. Why not you?
You will manage. :)


We you've taken the first step by posting on this forum, hopefully you have now filled your script...get started girl! YOU CAN DO IT! you'll have men lining up in no time. Good Luck!