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Nov 20, 2012
South Australia
I'm 27, started this year at 91.2kg, now at 83.3kgs and am 159cm short ;)

I am 2 weeks in on the 30mg, after having a 'trial' pack about 6 months ago.
After the trial pack I decided to try again own (I guess I found it expensive and seemed to have alot of side effects on the trial batch)
I looked into clean eating(look it up or ask me about it if you don’t know, hard but worth it) and started going to the gym.

However, I have found it REALLY REALLY hard to budge the weight and even had to get some blood tests as with all the food and exercise changes it still stuck to me. So went back to the docs to give duromine a real try and am now just under the 3rd week.
I don’t have HUGE weight losses like others, so does sometimes get disheartening... but as I normally work my butt of (my gym sessions are with a Personal Traininer (yeah i know more $$$) so there’s no chance I’m slacking off) and have TOTALLY changed my food habits, I’m normally happy with any lose, and as I was stuck at 85.3 for about 3 months, with all the above mentioned changes, and in the last 3 weeks I’m now down and have stayed at 83.3.
I know that this is SO small in comparison to other peoples losses but I have read ALOT about doing this correctly and as I want it to stay off, I’m ok that it comes off slowly - cos I really don’t want it to come back

As for side effects... Umm... so I did have the over awake issue for the first 2-3 nights and now not so bad.
I take the tablet early when my partner gets up for work, sometimes manage to go back to sleep and when I wake up an hour or so later I'm more raring to go, I think, then when Im not on D.
I do sometimes get heart palpitations? but only very mildly and they dont normally last for long.
Sometimes i seem sweatier or get a hot flash feeling but normally dont last long and dont think about it too much...
I dont have mood swings since doing the full batch, but I did notice it a bit on the trial... strange? glad I dont have it now...
I still have the nausea feeling and I do get a rumbling tummy (oh an tummy kinda mini cramp like things)... so not sure if/when that goes away... I think its cos maybe my tummy is use to filling up more and although my head says it’s not hungry... my stomach is still use to being fed more? maybe with time that will go away... maybe that and the nausea will ease together? lol...

I kept a pretty intense 'duromine diet daily diary' when I did the trial, and was helpful but became a bit obsessive... so havent done the daily diary again but I recommend it if it help you.

I also did food photos of each meal and posted them on instagram for a while - to keep accountable... but when you eat the same things, that soon becomes boring too...

These are just a few things i have done while on D to keep me interested and motivated, anyway... this has gotten really long (whoops sorry) and not sure if it’s helpful or not but - Hi! Let me know if you want to chat

M xxx
(WorkingHardtobeLean )