Negative Reaction About You Using Duromine?


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May 18, 2014
Hi , ive just started taking duromine. I havent really told anyone im taking it but did confide in my bff ... I knew she was quite negative about it and of course was when i told her. She lost about 10-12 kg doing diet and exercise which is great but she thinks everyone can do this ...i was 114kg after having my last child and have gotten down to about 90 kg but im just going nowhere...lose 3 kg put it back on etc...i have another 20 kg to go and just want to try duromine to give me some results and the energy to start a proper exercise reluctant to discuss it now with anyone IRL who hasnt experienced obesity and or taking duromine. Hence my joining this forum. Everyone ive spoken to prior to me starting it said ill just put it all back on!!! Im only planning to be on it to lose about 10 kg ..... Psychologically i need to know that yes i can lose more weight...ive read that eating enough and exercise while on duromine is a must so i hope this works....


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Mar 26, 2014
Outback nsw
Hi. No one knows im on Duromine, not even my fiancé. I was just embarrassed at the weight I was and that doing it by myself wasn't really working. Its my little secret and I find coming on here really helps.
I do 4 boxing classes a week, and have a very healthy diet now, no carbs at all (which was so hard at the start).

Good luck, keep us updated on how you go.