My Third Time Around Using Duromine.


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Apr 18, 2014
Brisbane Australia
Hi there,

This will be the third time I have used duromine but I appear to be having a different experience than my previous two times, I am just a bit concerned that it may not be working or my body now has built up a tolerance. Below is a bit of story on my previous and current experience whilst taking duromine.

Ok so the first time I found it hard getting to sleep early, had no food cravings or hunger issues and I was always full of energy.
This first period lasted 30 days and then I had a break of 21 days.
During this first period I managed a weight loss of 12kg... Was very happy but it was really hard work, cardio in the morning and night with a very strict diet of not exceeding 1500 calories per day.
The second time I was taking it for a period of 60 days but noticed the effects really started to drop off after approximately 30 days or so. My appetite was no longer being supressed, energy boost was no longer there and my sleeping patterns appeared to be normal.

I then decided to have a 5 week break and now here I am. It's now day 3 and I have none of the side effects from my previous two times. Now starting to think that maybe my body has built up some kind of immunity. I do get hungry as I normally would but I have no energy boost and I seem to get tired in the afternoons.
Is this normal or should I have taken a longer break? I really don't want a longer break period because I want to keep my momentum going.