My Story So Far (Stay Tuned As Its Only Week One Lol)


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Oct 29, 2014
Starting stats
Age: 29
Weight: 126.3Kg
Height: 171cm
Start Date: 2/11/2014

My Story,
I have struggled with my weight for the past ten years. I was a very athletic person until I had a major injury. Things snowballed from there. Had one health issue after another and three kids. My weight just kept going up. I have previously lost weight but seem to hit a wall at ten kilo.
I went to my Dr a few months ago about my weight. It had started effecting my mental state. I thought my hubby was embarrassed to take me out and I had lost all my confident. I just wanted to lock myself away. When he first mentioned it I said no. I was scared to take it. He told me to come back in a month if I hadn't lost any from doing it the traditional way. In that month I invested in a trainer. Four sessions a week plus a gym membership costing me $220 every week. In that month I lost 800grams. I was heart broken. I still didn't go to the Dr for another couple of months.
I went to the Dr Thursday 30th Oct and Started that Sunday.

My diet this week.
My diet has been very little. I tend to have a optislim shake for breaky and lunch. I also try to have a piece of fruit. I have young children so I always have dinner with them. I don't want them thinking not getting is okay. I have a very small dinner low in calories and always very clean. I have been having a min of 3L of water a day too.

Symptoms so far:
NONE!!! Well sorry I lied. None that you hear about most the time. The tablets haven't given me any extra energy. Infact it has made me really tired. I thought it may be the detox and decrease in food but a week in and there is no improvement. I notice the tablets don't last the whole day either. I start coming down at about 1pm (Take my tablet at 6am). My Dr said he will increase me to 40mg if this doesn't improve. The main reason we wanted to use the tablets is to help with my fatigue.

I am a day short of a week and I have lost 3.5 kilo. I weigh every day and lost no weight for three days this week. I assume its because I had my monthly friend.

Anyways that's it for now. Would love to hear all your stories too.