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Apr 30, 2014
I've tried and tried to lose weight as we all have. However, I'm one of those people that give up as soon as I see someone else having weight loss success and put it into the too hard basket.

I've been on duromine for over a month now and seen very little success. I see a personal trainer twice a week and walk when possible. I've searched high and low for something to motivate me and this week I finally found it. My husband, every time my husband says his going to lose weight, he does it just falls off him. So this time I was determined to see me do better then him, instead of the usual I give up and watch it fall off him. I have cleared the house out of everything unhealthy and have restock with fresh healthy foods. Today saw me FINALLY get back into two digit figures after 4.5 years.I'm most excited, yes I have been tempted however have fort my cravings off chocolate. Hopefully I will meet my next mini goal!


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Nov 21, 2009
It is so great! If I was your mother I would be very proud of you. :)
You did it hard, but you still believe in yourself and find the strength to fight that hateful weight!
Little patience, give your body some more time, don't give up anymore please.

xoxo Kate

Tania J

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Mar 7, 2014
Keep going Mum, just take baby steps. I try to "forget" that I am trying to lose weight, and keep telling myself I am just living a healthier life - then I do not feel so deprived, but when I do the weighing once a week I see the results!:laughing:


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Apr 30, 2014
Isn't it funny I was reading over what I wrote and know I'm in that same mind set that I go back too. Husband is now eating like a health freak and now I'm becoming frustrated as now he is not supporting me rather worrying about himself as he sees me failing again. So frustrating that he is now taking that evening time for him to exercise without the kids and not me.

It's times like this I feel like raising the white flag and telling him his won and I give up wanting to lose weight.


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May 13, 2014
Mum3..stop...hold on....brakes! That is not nice of him! :mad: You are doing so well! Back in the 2 digits? Now YOU did that. My husband is also into the health thing, and he also just drops weight easy, and I know how hard it is if you are left out, especially if it is your husband. Maybe you can talk to him and explain yourself, let him know why support is so important. Ask him to put himself on the bench for just 2 months and help you succeed?

If not, then we need to find you other motivation. And I say we, because you have support here. :laughing:Lets get you to your next next mini goal! Just dont give up. I might be wrong...but in my opinion (personal experience) my husband drops weight 10 times faster than I do. Dont let that discourage you.

Why don't you team up with someone and get online support. That helps a lot. Losing weight is not just about the scale going down. It is something that requires special skills to revamp your LIFE. Losing weight is physical, but emotionally you have to have the tools.And those tools you can create with online support as well. Come on...keep going!
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