Just The Beginning- No Side Effects



I am 20 and my entire life I have been overweight. The last 4 years however, I have gone from a weight in the early 70's to now, a weight approaching th 90's. For some unknown reason in August to September 2010 I gained an unbelievable 7 kilos. Now from September to January I put on an extra kilo so I am sitting at 88kg (171cm tall). I did have numerous blood tests to see if it was hormones to blame for the rapid weight gain but it was nothing.

I have wanted to try Duromine for a couple years because my mother has tried it before (to loose weight from carrying children). She has always said it works but the side effects are not worth it. On top of that reading majority of the forums available most say they have had horrible experiences. As a result I keep putting the idea off. Now that I am at my heaviest I have decided enough is enough! I will become fit, healthy and thin! the time to start is now and it will change my health for the rest of my life!

I finally went to my GP 3 days ago to try 30mg Duromine to control this hunger I have through out the day that is the main cause of my heavy weight.

I wish I NEVER read the negative forums because my experience in terms of side effects is FANTASTIC!

I am experiencing any of of the side affects besides the simple and easy to cope with- dry mouth. I don't feel sick, I am not completely appetite free, I don't feel like im on speed (or any other kind of similar drug), I can sleep at night and so far I have no complaints!!! But keeping in mind it maybe due my individual high tolerance. It has also is helping in diminishing my bad habits of late night snacks, high sugar or high fat foods, bing eating and regular over snacking. I have no cravings at the moment and I am loving it!

People that fail on this medication are those that eat next to nothing on the tablets. It is meant to be taken responsibly and thats exactly what i am doing! I have set my self times to have healthy balanced meals. I have cut out a lot of carbs (for now) because I carry most of my weight on my belly. I also have set 3 days to do exercise (not much but something i can stick to)! Also for this rapid weight loss, muscle training is VERY important due to the fact that I most definitely do not want to loose my muscle because fat burns slower when the muscle is gone! I incorporate weights into the 3 days i do exercise.

this is my weight loss plan
a realistic life change that will last me for ever

Hopefully my opinions don't change over the month because I am finding Duromine absolutely fantastic...