Just Started And Need Some Help Please! :)


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Feb 18, 2015
Hi everyone :)

I just started duromine yesterday, after speaking with my doctor, explaining how difficult I find losing weight is. I weigh 117.5kg and I know I need to lose a good 30-40kg.

I just have a few questions, has everyone else been getting headaches? I've had one since starting yesterday, it does come and go and at the moment it isn't TOO bad, it's bearable but I just thought I'd ask if anyone else has had this? I was feeling a little nauseas yesterday as well but I'm better today - does the body eventually get used to the tablets and the nausea / headaches will stop?

Have you had a lot of success on duromine? I'm hoping like anything this works for me. I eat super healthy with personal training three days a week and gym the other three days ( and one days rest!)

I haven't really told anyone im doing this, only my partner and mum, just because half of me worries this is another "fad diet" or atleast worries that's what people will tell me..

Any advice anyone can give me would be amazing :)
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Nov 21, 2009
I advise you to read the forum firstly. I am sure many people asked the same questions as you. As for another 'fad diet' - don't worry, this time it will work because this is not a diet, but a completely different lifestyle. And you should know that you need to change things right now and stick to this lifestyle for a very long time, my best advice - forever. I see nothing bad in eating healthy stuff all your life :) Ignore your family habits, because this is where we slip off diets - we get used to eat the way our parents taught us to(. I know a user who cleaned up her cupboards from sweets and divided them into small portions for her hubby and son. All it takes to avoid temptation :cool: At the beginning of my journey I even avoided to come near store shelves with sweets, chocolate, snacks... Not to mention fastfood - taboo. I am sure you know all this yourself, but still.

Ok, I'll answer one more time - headaches are pretty common, since Duromine is a stimulant (appetite suppressant) and keeps you awake, hence you cannot sleep at night properly. Usually. Also, headaches and nausea appear when you don't eat enough. But you told that you eat three meals and snacks... Do you drink more water than usualy? Sometimes it helps to get rid of headaches by adding more water to diet.

For me Duromine worked well. Good luck to you!:):):)
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Mar 1, 2015
my startnig weight was 135kg i felt like crap and had no energy plus my size 22 clothes were starting to get tight. My GP gave me Duromine 30mg and within the first month or so i had lost almost 17kgs. I never had any headaches or chest pains, the only problem i had was i would get a thick yellow mucas in my mouth every morning and it tasted horrible I would have the taste in my mouth for the whole day and even the excessive mouthwash and brushing didnt help get rid of it. I have been off duromine for about 2 months and decided to go back on to reach my goal.
As Kate said its a lifestyle changer now i weigh 120kg so i put on 5kgs in the time i was off but i did lose control in my eating and it was more in the last 3 weeks. when I first lost the weight i felt great i had so much energy and i was always in a happy mood. trust me its a good thing to try atleast if it doesnt work out for you atleast you know you tried something, just dont give up so easily and keep going.
I keep a small excercise book for writing all my entries. for i.e

day 1
starting weight- ?
goal weight-?

8.00am- white coffee
11.00am- two eggs and two slices of toast

6.00pm- 1 hour on trendmill at 5mph

this really helped me notice patterns when i first started. i was eating or drinking every two hours to the mintue.
and every month when i went to my GP i would on that day put amount of weight lost when you see those numbers go up it really keeps you going.
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