Internet Research On Duramine Scared Me


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Jan 21, 2014
Hi I am new to duromine. I was 122kg, age 32. I have put on lots of weight since having children and aiming to use duromine to get to 85kg, as feeli heavily depressed about my weight. I was on duromine form5 days and am now down to 117.2 . However I am beginning to feel some unhappy side effects which is making me quite anxious. I am on 15mg. I am getting heart palutation, only slightly . Lack of sleep, terrible headaches. I have had my blood pressure checked and everything seems fine. But I am not sure if I should be ignoring such side effects, I have read too many terrible Internet reports about duromine...advice needed as I really need this to support my weight loss..


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Nov 21, 2009
Hello, darling Linnyc1981!
Well, what can I say - Internet is both good and bad source for people, who are concerned about their health. I know that from my experience. You may read as terrible stories about Duromine, so the good ones as well. People, who had some good experience with this diet pill - will tell you only good stuff. Others, who had severe side effects or addiction, etc.. - will tell you bad stuff. You will hear what you want to hear only)))
I can tell you - for me Duromine did good thing and I managed to get rid of my kilos. I must say I had lots of excess weight.
Also suffered from insomnia, energy boost (though it's rather advantage), constipations...different stuff actually. But I was very motivated, since nothing else seemed to help me. I made myself a diet plan, hired personal trainer, took the prescription for Duromine and prepared to take a looong journey. I don't know maybe it's my body, or I don't know what else, but I have never had moments when I wanted to stop using it
Because I knew, I wanted it so badly, ther was no way back!
What I'm trying to say here - If you are scared of terrible stories over the Internet, then just don't use this drug. But if you believe those people, who had good results with it - then use it. Depends on you. Of course if the side effects get worse - consult your nutritionist and stop using it.

Hope you will do great and you will make the right choice!
Good luck.;)

Karin Muller

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Jan 22, 2014
South Africa
Hi Linnyc1981
Im starting my duromine jurney tomorrow and im scared 2 about all the things i read. I have been running out of options and have seeked out the help of a dietitian, but with low progesterone and high estrogen my cravings drove me mad and actually made me very agressive.

Now after allot of thought and convincing everyone around me that i will be fine, I'm resorting to medication, which is what got me here in the first place.

I use to be very well build about 4years ago and then my fiance at that stage was cheating on me and like a fool i knew, but instead of fighting back i went to sit in a corner and allowed him to abuse me verbaly and mentaly. So after finaly getting out of the relationship my docter put me on Paxil. 27kg later im off and been struggeling a year to lose the weight.

I know you are scared of the side effects but im asking myself what side effects will my BMI of 31.5 have on me life. Its already had detramental effects on my mental state. I dont look in a mirror, i dont go out nor do i even put make-up on anymore.

If your docter supports you and you go for check-ups regularly im sure you will be fine. Just dont give up, i need to know their are people out there that are scared yet brave innuf to try and fight back against obesity.
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Jan 15, 2014
Hi Linnyc1981,

I agree with Kate and Karin, you can read all sorts of stuff on the internet. But mostly it's focused on the bad than the good. If you read through this forum there are LOTS of people that have had much success with Duromine.

Sure, with every medication there are side effects but they wont last all the time. Normally its the body getting used to the medication. When i first started Duromine, I had the same slight heart palpitations, lack of sleep and HEAPS of energy. But the lack of sleep and slight heart palpitations only lasted about a week.

I saw my GP about it, and it was just my body getting used to the pill that it had never seen before.

If you are determined and motivation, these side effects are only a little ripple in a large pool. You will overcome them.

Please keep up the good work, you have lost nearly 5Kgs in 5 days. Thats AWESOME!!!.

Karin, you should look in the mirror every now and then and see how your body will change whilst on duromine. Sure at first you might not notice it, but then you will look the next week and notice something different. Maybe your waist line is smaller or so on, this is motivation to keep going.

Remember, people are beautiful inside and outside. No matter their size!.

Both of you keep your heads up and persevere, you will get and see the results you want to see :)
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Jan 14, 2014
Welcome ladies this is my second week. I think everyone has some kind of side effort. Mines been just the extra boost of energy not bad. First day I had a headache but it didn't last long.
Bonus is 3 kilos lighter and so much will power to gain control back of my body.
I hate it so much I cover it and boil my self to make sure no one sees my fat.
I'm only 1.59cm but started at 87.8 now I'm 84.5 getting there slowly I have along way to go to get to 55.
I guess to the question you all ask is what can you handle being over weight or a few side effects which my go. My advice talk to your doctor and enjoy those scales going down
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