How To Set Up Your Avatar And Signature On Forum?


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Nov 21, 2009
Set up Your Avatar
If you still have no avatar the following instruction will help you to create one. If you do have it already, then just scroll down to “Signatures” section.
Now for those, who still don't have an avatar.

Actually it's not difficult to create one:
To navigate the given page, just double-click on your Username, which is on the top right corner of the page. Then you may upload new avatar or Gravatar (it's up to you), all you need is to hover over your Username and click on the drop-down menu, called “Avatar”. Once you did this, an overlay appears, so that you may choose your avatar.

You don't have to leave the page to do this. Avatar dimensions are limited up to 125x125. Once uploaded, the system will compress it up to 96x96, yet the original avatar in your profile stays the same.

Create an avatar:
Step 1. If your avatar picture is on the web, go to Step 3.
Step 2. If your avatar picture is on your PC, upload it from, or any other image hosting website you like.
Step 3. You should copy the direct link to your image, or copy the link with pre-made tags, if your image hosting supports this option.

Set up Your Signature
Step 1. Click here. You can also find this link if you hover over your Username, the “Signature” section.
Step 2. In case there's the direct link only, you can insert it as follows: image (without spaces) between tags. Another option: insert/edit image icon, which is in the signature editor (tree).
Step 3. In case there's a pre-made link, all you need is paste it into the box.
Step 4. Create your original signature by using normal text, use your imagination.
Final step. Click “Remember” to save it.
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