How Many Have Kept The Weight Off??


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Jan 28, 2013
I'm only on day 6, and I'm not sure that i want to keep going, i've lost around 3 kilos already, but i don't want to just put it all back on. I can't really find many people that have lost weight and kept it off..

So has anyone? :)


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Jan 10, 2013
I think it really depends on what you learn.
I'm learning with duromine that although I love food. It should be to fuel me and not to make me FEEL something.
I'm also learning that I want to incorporate exercise into my daily life because without it, I wont live as long.

It's I believe about changing your behavior and attitude towards food.
When you go off the drug of course you're hunger pains will come back but it's just about managing your intake, planning etc.

Kate this member lost a lot of weight and kept it off.
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Nov 21, 2009
He He! Hi guys it's me you're talking about!;)

I understand all concerns about keeping weight stable after you've lost it with the pills.
But there are couple of points you should know:
1. The more overweight the person is, the more food he needs ---> excess weight provokes excessive hunger. Which basically means that if you lose weight, you will possibly get rid of strong appetite)
2. The more you eat, the more weight you gain (these two points are actually co-related).
3. Excess weight equals food addiction (agree?), meaning to struggle with, one needs to raise his willpower, because no one else can help.
4. You have to really want to become slimmer. Strong will and desire make everything possible!
5. Last but not least: once you decided to lose much excess weight and change your life radically, you should start a new life in a way. I'm not talking about moving out somewhere else, or leaving your beloved (boyfriend, parents, husband, children, etc.), I'm talking about different thinking ---> forget about your past meals and lifestyle without exercising, sometimes about alcohol too. From now on you have new way of living, the healthy one.

These are just my tips and things that helped me long ago. I am still slim without the pills, but I still attend gym. I am trying to feel free to eat what I want, but the truth is that now I WANT to eat healthy foods only! My diet plan has 10 years of history so it's usual for me now, but yes it was very hard at the beginning.

So be brave and honest with yourself! Women are much stronger than men, so you can do it!


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Sep 9, 2013
As my pharmacist said, don't fight the hunger instead make the conscious effort to feed your body nutrients. Most people on Duromine don't feel hungry. Thats true, my first day I didn't but I forced myself to eat something small every few hours to kick start my metabolism. This is the difference between keeping the weight off and putting it all back on. If you starve yourself, sure you're gonna lose weight because your body is in starvation mode. But once you go off the Duromine (which you should, its really not designed for long term use) then your body stores everything as fat, you regain your hunger and you're back at square one.

Instead, if you start fueling your metabolism (i usually have a piece of fruit, a carrot or maybe 5-6 almonds) you're training your body to anticipate fuel and burn it off quickly as it knows it will get nutrients and regularly and doesn't need to bother storing them. When you go off Duromine, your metabolism remains trained, and while you probably wont be losing a huge deal you'll at least be maintaining your weight.