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Aug 16, 2011
Hi everyone!

I've been looking over this forum for the past few nights, and have decided to join because I would love to talk about my experiences with other people who are in the same situation!

I'm a 20 year old female from Australia. I am 157cm tall (or short, really...) and my weight at the start of my Duromine journey was 65.4kg. It may not seem like a lot, but due to my height and frame even one kilogram is more than noticeable.

Now, my dilemma begins at the start of this year. I weighed about 55kg, give or take a kilo or so due to regular fluctuation. I entered a relationship at this time of the year, and decided to start taking the combined contraceptive pill, Yaz. While Yaz, because it is a lower dosage, is supposed to be the pill that has the least amount of side effects, I started to eat more and subsequently gained 15kg in a period of 7 months. I blame a portion of this on the pill, which intensified food cravings, but I mostly blame myself for giving in to these cravings.

So of course, I started feeling awful and tried out the gym, which I hated, and eating healthily - which I was finding difficult. The topic of weight gain was all I was talking about with my boyfriend, which I resented because I didn't want to talk about it, but I couldn't stop! What makes things worse, is that I do competitive dancing which requires squeezing into a teeny tiny leotard and prancing about on stage.

So, I spit the dummy and went to see my GP about my options - at this stage I was considering ditching Yaz and seeing the consequences of that. My GP explained the effect the pill was having on my body - tricking the body into thinking it's pregnant, therefore I was 'eating for two'. I asked about going on Duromine, and he agreed quite happily to prescribe me a month's supply of the 15mg dosage. He advised me to stay on Yaz - after all, it's mostly my own lack of willpower that is to blame, and I'd rather be extra protected from pregnancy!

He then explained that Duromine is not a magical pill that will cause the weight to fall off - I have to make the right eating choices. He advised minimal carbs, and to make sure that when I did eat them, the majority was in the morning and to eat wholemeal/multigrain options where possible Lots of protein and fibre and vegetables. With a kind smile, he told me he believed I could shed the weight as long as I made smart decisions. I happily bounced to the chemist and shelled out some fair coin for those little tablets.

This morning, I took my first tablet at about 7:15am with a full glass of water. After that, I made myself a light breakfast, which was one scrambled egg on one slice of Burgen bread (a multigrain variety that, for weight loss purposes, contains significantly less carbs than a normal slice of bread), as well as another glass of water. The pill hadn't kicked in yet, so I enjoyed breakfast quite a bit! By the time I had finished eating, I wasn't hungry anymore - Duromine had kicked in! I was also feeling quite energetic.

I had uni today, and my first class started at 9am. As it finishes at 1pm, we are given a quick break for morning tea/early lunch at 11am. Normally I would have something to eat, but I just...didn't feel hungry. I went with my friends to the cafeteria, and despite smelling food it just didn't register in my brain that I craved it, like I normally would. I was more than content to suck on my 1L water bottle while my friends chowed down on hot dogs and hot chips. I was amazed, it was as if there was a mental block that stopped me from wanting to eat. Even if it looked nice I couldn't!

Class ended at 1pm, and I knew it was time to have something for lunch, despite not really feeling like anything. Again, walking through the courtyard at uni I could smell a sausage sizzle, hot chips, lasagne - the list honestly went on! But my brain didn't register that the foods smelt good, and I kept on walking. I ended up buying some spiced Moroccan vegetable soup, and quite enjoyed it. By that stage I was feeling a bit hungry, but after finishing the soup it went away. I had also had about half of my bottle of water by then too.

The rest of the afternoon was fairly normal. I stayed at uni, however I couldn't sit through a two hour lecture because I felt as if I needed to be doing something active! By the time I was driving home, at 5pm, I was starting to feel a little tired, and had short bursts of energy but would mellow out again.

I had my dinner at 6:30pm, which was grilled chicken breast with a salad. The salad consisted of iceberg lettuce, cucumber and green capsicum, dressed with lemon and line juice, pepper and a little olive oil. I literally had to force myself to eat it because I did not, in any way feel hungry. I didn't finish the meal, I would say I ate a bit over half. I knew I had to eat something though, because it's not right to skip meals as I've read that it can slow your metabolism. I'd also finished the water bottle.

Now, it is almost 10pm as I write this and I feel great! I'm getting tired, like I normally would at this time of night. The only major side effects have been the energetic/tired intervals, and a dry mouth which I've been counteracting with the water. I had another glass since dinner and am planning another one before bed, which should make up my 2L for the day. I also have started what I've called a 'Duromine Diary', in which I write down my weight for that day, if I have taken Duromine, what I have eaten and the amount of water I have had to drink. I'm hoping it helps me to keep a detailed track of my progress! I'm also very lucky to have both my parents and boyfriend behind me 100% - boyfriend is especially patient and supportive, which motivates me even more. Mum is helping out too by cooking low carb, high protein dinners.

Phew! If you read all of this, I apologise - I'm a very, very animated person and it translates when I write! I hope to report back with some progress!

Peace and love xx