Hi, New Here :)


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Nov 6, 2014
Hi all
My name is Diane, i am 35 and i have pretty much battled with my weight since i was in my 20's and had my 2 little ones. At my heaviest i was 94kg i managed to get down to 70kg on my own but have now gotten back up to 80kg, im only 162cm so a bit of a shorty, the doctor suggested i give duromine a go just to kick start me, so Wednesday was my first day on 40mg, today is day 3, and i have to say i must be one of the lucky ones as i don't have much in the way of side effects, hopefully it stays that way :)
I'm glad i found this forum its always nice to know that others have had great success with this, my ultimate goal is to be back to 60kg, so we will see how we go, I'm going to weigh myself weekly and hopefully with some exercise and good eating i should see some results :)


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Nov 21, 2009
Although I am bit concerned you are taking 40mg dose from the very beginning, but as far as you don't have side effects - good way to go! Good eating and exercises - sounds a perfect plan to me, so please make sure you do it right and don't be too strict to yourself, remember: you still need to eat some food)) I'm saying this because lots of ladies when they start, stop eating and feel weak and lack of energy and this doesn't help to lose weight at all! So please be a good girl and drink water ;););)

Looking forward to seeing your results here! Hugs!