Hi 1st Duromine Today 11/5/15


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May 11, 2015
I have headache already drinking a lot of water but I''m also a heavy coffee drinker. I am on 30 mg I need to lose 20 kilos over time. Need to be around for my 2 children. I have tried many diets but I fail each time needed something to suppress my appetite to help me. My head is tingling a little and feeling tired going to toilet a lot because of water. First day i am actually very hypo highly strung took tablet after I had weetbix breakfast and felt a sedated buzz while I was doing grocery shopping. I actually enjoyed being more mellow it made me feel calmer. I just had a light lunch so I am doing this the right way eat a little and good food and drink a lot of water. Will write more in a few days mamma24