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Jul 3, 2014
I started taking 30mg Duromine a week ago.
My weight was 97kg
Current weight is 94kg
Goal weight is 70kg (before pregnancy weight)

Really struggling getting the weight off after having my first child 5 months ago.
I'm no longer getting the same energy boost as I did last week so I thought I'd join this site to get some motivation to get my weight back down to what it was before I got pregnant.


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Nov 21, 2009
Hello, Pinkgrillz!
Welcome to our family :)
The lack of energy often occurs during the first couple of weeks, since your body is getting used to changes with Duromine. If you are doing it right - diet, pill, exercises then your body is trying to adjust to this new regime. Plus, you are keeping a low-calorie diet and it means that you literally consume less calories that you used to. Calories = energy. So..

But don't worry. Just try to focus on breakfast and lunch, plus some snacks in between. Small small portions but frequently (4-5 times a day) and your body will get the necessary energy. Well, depends on your daily activity of course too. I can imagine how busy and tired you are taking care of little baby. Anyways, water water water, nutrients and a good sleep (check out my new thread 'Side effects' -> Lack of sleep. Tips.) if you have problems with sleeping.

But I am sure you'll do great. It's just a start. You just need some patience and you'll get to your pre-pregnant weight! Good luck!;)


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Jun 29, 2014
Hi, I started duromine last Saturday so am yet to do my one week weigh in to Saturday, can only hope that I can lose 3kgs like u in the first week. My starting weight is 75kgs and I'm trying to get down to my pre pregnancy weight of 60kgs. To lose 3kgs in a week is great keep up the good work, hope to hear more updates from you :)