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Sep 12, 2014
Hi everyone. Day 2 today. I am 45 years old, I had a very unsatisfactory hysterectomy as a result of fibroids 2 years ago with horrendous post-surgery complications which I won't bore you with (but fistula and 6 months of catheterisation are somewhere on the list). I am now on daily oestrogen and no matter what I have tried in the last 2 years, my weight is going in the wrong direction. I am now 87kg and somewhere between 163 and 165cm tall (its very depressing to go to the doctor and discover one has lost height!). Apart form the odd time in my life, I have been heavier than I wanted for about 30 years, not obese, but thats a matter of BMI opinion, isn't it? I have recently been trying to eat low FODMAPS foods which has helped with my digestion a lot (no fruit, no legumes, no onions, no grains), and there's only a small jump between that and paleo so I did that for a month or 2, then it evolved into LCHF which was FANTASTIC as I was able to truly enjoy decadent foods (and lots of green leafy veggies, don't panic!) - but I think I may have enjoyed them too much and my weight recently crept up. I didn't miss carbs much - although I did eat bread one day a week.
I felt pretty buzzy yesterday, a bit tingly and a bit odd. I felt an immediate impact on my hunger, although was hungry last night and didn't sleep well - my mind racing all night. I am going to try and really listen to my hunger signals - eat when hungry - and eat what I really fancy - and stop eating when full. I am going to write everything down. These two techniques have been proven time and time again to have a significant impact on long term weight loss, so I thought, why not? The duromine I am assuming enables me to effectively starve myself if I want to - but I suspect my body will kick back on that by getting the shakes, and me being very grumpy. I am not going to follow any particular eating plan, although I will still keep off most high FODMAPS foods as this makes a significant difference.
I was most excited to hear yesterday that duromine has had in some women a positive impact on libido, with one woman I read about even taking it for that reason. I am hoping this will happen to me - as the 2 years since my surgery have been a bit of a drought - hormonally, physically and mentally. My husband is very supportive, and long suffering.
The other thing I have noticed, which others have commented on, is that the main people posting about duromine are either in the first 5 days of it, or did it last year or before that, and for a reasonable period of time, and lost a lot of weight. Why do people stop posting? is it because the duromine completely takes their minds off food and its just easy to stick with?
I should add that I took Adifax 22 years ago for a few months, and was lucky not to get any health problems from that, and I lost a lot of weight and did a lot of walking (6 hours one day! the dog was knackered!) and I kept the weight off til I got pregnant, pretty much.
I was most distressed to read that alcohol is not advised with duromine, as my doctor hadn't mentioned that, she even said 'record your alcohol consumption too'. I would admit that this is my one problem, drinking 2-3 glass of red wine most nights (we're being honest here aren't we?). I spoke with a friend yesterday who took duromine last year and she went out drinking afterwards (admittedly with little food in her tummy) and was very very ill. I have decided not to drink while on duromine, as it will do me good to have a break from alcohol, and since a) the pills are so expensive I may as well give these the best shot, and b) I gather this is a limited time period I may as well focus on that.
I don't know if you guys are interested in all this, but I felt that taking this measure at this stage in my life was pretty significant, and so have been reading lots of posts recently.
I would really like to hear form any other menopausal women in their 40's and 50's who have experience with duromine. I hear (and have felt) the impact of low oestrogen is pretty dramatic for weight gain. I am having my hormones checked on Monday, too.
Thanks for reading, guys.