Haven't Taken Duromine Since The 70's!


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Jul 15, 2013
Hi All,

My doctor prescribed Duromine 15mg for the first month then 2 months of 30mg, I'm on day 14 of my 15mg and have lost 3kg which I'm pretty happy with (anticipating bigger numbers when I get on the 30mg)

In my first week I had a headache in the morning and a dry mouth all day, I just took a panadol with my Duromine and another panadol at lunchtime and am not getting them this week I also have a thyroid condition so was expecting heart palpitations but none so far and as for mood swings I'm always a bit moody when dieting so I'm not going to blame it on the Duromine

Last time I took Duromine was in the 70's they were called Duromine M40 so possibly were 40mg and I did some pretty strange things on them (cleaning kitchen cupboards out at midnight, waking up on my balcony one morning!) lol but I'm still here to tell the tale and happy to give them another shot so Good Luck all ... Any loss is a win!