Fruit Through The Day, Meat & Veg At Night?


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Jan 19, 2014
i eat fruit though the day when i get hungry and a meat and veg for tea is this ok or should i be eating something else though the day as well


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Jan 6, 2014
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Hi Christy,
Its important to make sure you diet is still balanced. Remember the tablets only stop you from feeling hungry, they don't replace the need to eat.
For me I have a very lite breakfast, (fruit, yoghurt or the like), I make myself eat some nuts for morning/afternoon tea, I have fruit salad or regular salad for lunch and then I have a small portion of whatever the family are having for dinner. What I have found is that I don't feel hunger but I know when I am empty. When I feel like that I eat something but it only takes a small amount to stop that empty feeling. I also drink lots of water. Duromine gives me a dry mouth (the only side effect I am having) so the desire to drink is always there but water will also help with the keeping you hydrated and regular.
Hope this helps in someway.


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Nov 21, 2009
I agree with jDad, your body still needs all the essntial nutrients, fat, protein even carbs. Just in small amount in your case, since you don't want to gain extra weight, on contrary - lose it. ;)
When you lose weight - you lose fat tissue, but if you don't eat enough protein - your muscles suffer, because proteins build muscles all over our body. Carbs are necessary for energy and fats bring us fatty acids, tryglycerides that also serve for energy.
You're doing right - fruit, veggies, meat - they contain most of essential substances. Just to not get bored of this diet, make sure your products alternate. Nuts are great, they contain lots of fatty acids, carbs and fats. A little portion makes you feel full when you can't have your normal meal throughout a day. Beans are great as meat replacement. Also need a small amount. Cottage cheese and dairy give you no extra calories but bring good carbs and vitamins. I am sure you know that, because that's what kids need when they are small:cool:
Oh, and fish is great too. Did you know that fish fat never gives you extra weight? Moreover, it prevents accumulation of fat and bad cholesterol! You can eat any kind of fish (even the fattest one) and stay slim, plus it contains many vitamins, calcium (for bones protection) and supports your immunity. All in all - fish and seafood are easpecially good during your weight loss.

I hope this helps!