Food - Fussy Or Not Fussy?!


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Jan 29, 2015
Since I started Duromine 4 weeks ago, I am almost exclusively eating fruits, vegetables and some meats. That's basically it. But in saying that, I'm also eating a much wider variety of fruits and vegetables than I did before aaand I'm eating all the fresh food in my house before the next grocery shop and haven't spent a cent on take-aways (awesome! more $$$ for actual important stuff)

I've also found that I'm much more aware of what types of foods/flavours that my body really doesn't agree with, for example, I can no longer eat garlic! I always had digestive issues after eating garlic but they seem much worse now (or maybe I am just more aware of it). It repeats on me and makes me feel so sick that I've just decided to give up garlic and avoid it in food. I also have no interest in added flavours like sauces and the only flavours I'm interested in are either fresh herbs or fresh lemon juice. I'm not at all interested in preserved or packaged foods, either. I used to eat muesli bars and rice crackers EVERY SINGLE DAY but I've barely touched them since Duromine.

I am also not interested in eating refined carbohydrates, like breads, pastas, rice and noodles. I asked my dietician and my GP if this was okay as I've had basically none of these things (except a blueberry muffin) in my diet over the past month. They both said it was fine, and that my diet was balanced and if I didn't feel like eating it then I shouldn't be concerned.

I don't think it's a negative aspect, but I find it incredibly interesting how my body now reacts to food now that my appetite synapses aren't firing. I suppose it's different because unlike previous diets I'm not actively telling myself "don't eat that cake, don't eat that cake" but that my body just automatically has no interest in the cake and sometimes even feels sick at the thought.

Maybe, just maybe, because my appetite had disappeared, I am only desiring to eat what my body actually needs, rather than craving a particular food or flavour. I have never felt this before!

The only thing I sometimes feel like is a hot meal. Some days at lunch time I will cook what I would have normally cooked at dinner (meat & three veg) because I feel like a hot meal.

Has anyone else had any similar experiences with their new palette? Any types of foods that you can't stomach anymore? Did you intentionally change your diet to a healthier one? Have you kept eating the same foods as before, but just much less? Or are you like me and have found that you are eating healthy foods but not purposely, but just because it's the only thing you body doesn't reject?

I am interested to hear others' experiences with this!