First Time With Duromine - Completed Day 4


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Aug 24, 2011
Hi all,

I'm new to the site so wanted to drop a note (ok it's a very long note.. but thought it would be good to share) to say hello :laughing: hope everyone is well and seeing great results so far!

I've read most of your posts and can say they are truly motivational. My story is not unlike most of yours, I realised it was time to make some serious changes in my life and after seeing a friend who had a lot of success using Duromine, combined with healthy eating and exercise I thought I would give it a go.

I am 163 cms tall and my starting weight was 70kgs, (4 days ago). I went to a Dr who agreed that yes I was overweight according to my BMI and he prescribed me Duromine 40 mgs.
I'm 22 and have struggled with my weight my entire life. I always go through cycles of healthy eating and exercise to binge eating and not stepping foot in to a gym for months at a time.
When I see food, I want to eat it. The thought doesn't even go through my mind, it's like whatever food I see my mind tells me to eat it. I'll eat high calorie foods when I'm not hungry, and have no portion control at all. I can't leave anything unfinished whether its at a restaurant or out of a packet.

Over the last 2.5 years I have gone from a fit 54kgs to 70kgs without really noticing how much weight I had put on. 6 months ago I weighed 65 kgs.
This year I changed my profession and moved countries, my job now involves working in an environment where food is one of the main focuses and I am constantly travelling so have been gorging on food from all parts of the world and at crazy hours.
A friend sent me some photos from our recent trip to Europe and looking at them I realised how big I had gotten, and how much bigger I was than my friends.
I was so embarrassed about the way I looked that I didn't share any of the photos with my friends or family.. which is quite sad really.

Now it's time to step up, and take control of my body. I've realised I've been destroying myself slowly with all the bad choices I've made whether it be binge drinking, over eating, not exercising etc. and I never want to be this person again. I want to be the best version of me possible!

So now for the interesting part: results so far.....

21/08 - 70 kgs
23/08 - 69 kgs
24/08 - 68.7 kgs

I've been to the gym twice, eating a very tiny amount of carbs/grains, salad, fish and drinking lots of water and green tea.
Side effects have been dry mouth, anxiety, and lack of sleep (though I didn't sleep more than 4 hrs at a time before). Which to me is a very small price to pay for not thinking about food constantly.
My appetite is small and the thought of any high cal/carb/sugar foods makes me sick.
I feel like Duromine is helping me make the right choices and I am stronger this time as I have help to achieve my goal of 55 kgs by December 2011.

Sorry for the long post! Anyway, look forward to sharing our successes :)


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Aug 28, 2011
Wow! That's a great loss! You must be very happy. I'm only on day one and I'm looking forward to the results at the end of the week.

I can totally relate to you with binging and no control, I see food and next thing it's in my belly! And I finish everything and then some.

Good luck with it all and I hope to hear more about your results. :)


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Sep 3, 2011
Hi there! I'm on day 4 of duromine now but I feel as though I'm not getting the affects of the tablet :( is it working? Or is it taking it's time? I don't feel hungry and don't think about food so I guess it's working in someday? What do you eat for breakfast lunch and dinner? And how much of it?
I'm so keen to lose weight!