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Oct 8, 2012
so here i am , 24, weighing in on friday at the drs office at 86KGS!!! im 165cm tall so that puts me into the obese catergory according to the BMI. i wear size 14 clothes i honestly dont feel like i look obese. I joined a gym at the begining of the year, where at that time i was weighing over 90kgs, so i managed to lose a bit of weight thru diet changes and regular exercise. However this obviously isnt enough and over the last three months the weight has stabilised and wont budge. so i went to see my dr for a check up and he prescribed me duromine 30mg in hope that its the kickstart i need to finish my weight loss journey.

I started taking metermine (the pharmacy branded duromine) on saturday morning. It took an hour or so for me to feel effects, and that was lasting energy throughout the day and oddly enough an increased sexual appetite, along with no hunger pings and feeling full all day long. I did however get a dry mouth, so ive been drinking anywhere from 2lt to 4 lts of water a day. exercise on saturday was the usual running around after two kids, house work, shopping etc. nothing OTT.
day 2 i woke at my usual time and took the little pill, ate brekkie, a nutella sandwich. had an apple for morning tea and then got busy washing, polishing (by hand) and vacuuming 2 cars! lunch i had a yogurt, and dinner was a small portion of steak with beans, carrots, sweet potato. i again managed to drink about 4 litres of water throughout the day. it was very hot!

today marks day 3 and im feeling the insomnia! i woke last night at 11:30 and i have not been back to sleep since. so i spent those late night hours on ebay dreaming of new clothes to buy once i start to drop a dress size! I was up at 6 with the kids, had my pill,hopped on the scales and it read 82kgs!!! whoop whoop thats a loss of 4kgs in 2 days. im only dreaming of being able to break into the 70's by the end of the first week!
so brekkie i had a yogurt and had about 500ml of water as my throat was very dry. dropped kids off at school then went to the gym, i done 30mins on the treadmill at a pace of 6.5 and an incline of 3, then half hour on the bike at a resistance of 4 and RPM of 105, then 15 minutes onthe cross trainer as a cool down. Then i done my weights that consists of 3x15 reps of seated leg press at 60kgs, 3x15 of the steated row at 19kgs, 3x15 of upright row at 19kgs and 3x15 of chest press at 19kgs. My arms felt like jelly at the end. i then stretched out for another 20minutes. It felt good to be able to not get short of breath whilst doing cardio and i know i was pushing myself onthe treadmill. I injured my back after having ds2, he was born at 10lb 15oz or 4.705kgs and as a result of carrying a huge baby my discs in my spine were all pushed out of place and bulging. so i had been instructed by my PT to only walk on the treadmill not run, so i had been walking at a '' browsing the shops pace'' and gradually building up to a fast pace walk and today i achieved that! After the work out i had an apple and by the time i got home it was lunch so i made a Isowhey double chocolate shake with some added benefibre. Have managed to down about 2.5lts of water so far today. Im feeling rather tired this afternoon so im going to go try have a nap before i need to pick the kids up from school.

my aim is to log in every few days and post how im going, keep it like a diary thing. Maybe even help someone else out.

so here is my stats:
Starting weight 86kgs
starting date 6/10/2012
current weight 82kgs
minor goal weight :75kgs
major goal weight 68kgs


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Oct 8, 2012

I just read your note and I too have just started taking Duromine (on Sat 6 October 2012). I am 41- so quite a bit older than you and have put my weight (about 25kgs on over the last 10 years). I think from a) eating too much b) giving up smoking about 3.5 years ago, d) getting married d) having a baby - 2.5 years ago. I have been on every diet!! I am not a bad eater and I do excerise also, but I have worked out that I am a bit obsessive with food-meaning that I just can't have one bit of chocolate and I can never leave anything on my plate! So have started taking D-as I also have suffered from a bad back since I was a child and my chiro has warned if I don't get the weight of I will be having an operation when I am 55! Not happening! Here are my stats:

Staring weight: 88kgs
Staring Date: 6/10/12 (same as you)
Current Weight: This morning 86kgs
Minor Goal Weight - Same 75 kgs
Major Goal Weight - from 63-68.
Height: 165 CM

So 10 years ago and prior I would NEVER let myself go over the 70kg mark! This is now my plan for when I hopefully lose this weight. If Duromine gives me this kick start I am totally resolved to keep this weight off and also understand that I am just one of those people, that will always have to watch what they eat! Good luck! And I will read with interest how it goes for you