Finally I Get Around To Posting On Here Day 12 :)


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Jan 11, 2013
Hi everyone
I have read a lot of your posts and can certainly relate to your experiences, I appreciate sharing your journeys.
Im 35 married no kids except for lots of the furry variety (dogs, cats and horses) :) i have battled with my weight from when I was young but in the last 10 years gained a huge amount. at my heaviest I was 135kg and im 5'9. over the last few years I had gotten down to 115kg, by just making subtle changes and being in a better mindset which i think really helped.

I have wanted to have kids but have always had peroid/hormonal issues even when I wasnt overweight. I saw a few different gyno's about 8 years ago and the experience was really upsetting. Being very overweight, they cant help but look and assume health issues are only related to weight. I felt really deflated, ashamed and unworthy of having kids becuase of my weight.
this year I decided Im not getting any younger and so my husband and i went to a fertility clinic, where I was once again reminded of the weight being a huge issue.
To undergo even the intial testing the maxium bmi is 35 mine was 37. not to mention the weight limit on the examination table at 110kg.
I decided enough is enough!!! I want to be a mum and I no longer want to hide behind my weight and cling to the identity and being inhibited by being fat. i want to be able to seek help to start a family without fear of judgement, so as a faster option to getting the weight off I started duro 30mg. The best result would be to get pregnant naturally once the weight does come off!

Iv lost 3.5kg but also feel the cms dropping off. Im lucky to not have suffered side effects except insominia up until the last 2 days. Im embracing having more energy to get back into swimming which I love... I have reconnected with my inner mermaid :) and riding my horse again which has been a life long passion but one that I stopped doing because of the weight.
Short term goal under 100kg then Id love to get to about 85kg.

Has anyone else had success with losing the weight to start a family? or anyone else with any words of wisdom, id love to hear your stories :)


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Nov 27, 2012
Dear Wannabecomeamum,

Congratulations for deciding to lose weight and losing 3kg already. it is lovely that you can already feel different. I started on 114kgs myself and am now on 106kgs after 12weeks and hoping to eventually get to 90kg, my goal weight. You will become a mum! It is great that you have not had side effects except the insomnia and you are doing what you love interms of exercising. Keep at it andwatch the calories you take in and you will be fine. All the best on your weight loss journey.


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Nov 21, 2009
Hello, Wannabecomeamum!
Welcome and don't be upset! I am sure you will become a mum, because you want it so much and our wishes can become true! I admire your goal to lose weight and that you've finally chosen this difficult path. But nothing is impossible so I keep saying to my ladies - don't give up! cheer up! Go on you can do it! I'm not sure this helps) ) ) but what I know is that everyone needs a support. Just be a little bit more patient and take your time to lose kg by kg. I must warn you though: the first few weeks, maybe months are the hardest and results are miserable sometimes. But! Once you notice first loss and stick to your diet plan, everything will go faster I promise!
Not just excess weight will go off, but your overall health will recover: metabolism, blood pressure, flexibility and even your mood. But you know all this already, don't you? :) So good luck and feel free to ask any questions, we're glad to help!