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Mar 5, 2014
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Hey guys, I'm Sam! I started my weight loss journey just over a year ago as a very unhappy 17 year old girl, going through a typical first love relationship, and dealing with all the normal stresses of life, death love and loss and finding out who you are as a person. I ended up gaining over 40 kilos in a time span of 3 years, I started at 70 kilos and got myself somewhere upto about 109 kg within a blink of an eye. I was huge! and I never saw it until oneday someone made it very clear to me, and I finally saw the unhappy monster I had become, it was not me anymore. So I changed it! I started walking everywhere instead of catching public transport, I joined the gym and found the Atkins diet which worked wonders I had lost my first 10 kilos in in 1 month. After a while though it started causes a few problems as I was not getting the iron and other vitamins that your body needs to work and process. So I found myself in a rut, I then started doing some desperate research and came across duromine. I was very unsure at the time, I though "oh no, it's like cheating" or I thought I was going to die or something, but my best mate told me to just do it, so I did. I went to my GP that day and he gave me the 30mg subscription and wow I dropped 7 kilos in my first week I was amazed, people thought I was getting skinnier by the day, and I pretty much was I was a machine. I ended up losing another 20 kilos on and off the pill within 4 months. I never rellied in it after 2 weeks of taking it everyday It had totally gotten rid of appetite weather I was on it or not, I felt amazing, I was more energetic, I was ready to soldier on with my days the minute I woke up, I learnt to never over eat, just eat untill you are satisfied! I am now 75 kilos and I'm happy, I just look really healthy. But we are never really happy with how we look, it has now been 6 months since being off the pill and I still gym everyday but I have not lost any weight or gained any, but my body is looking toner and toner as the months go by, but for some reason we all stress over the scales!! When what we should be looking at is the mirror, I have just recently gotten on the 40mg dose because I am aiming to get down to 60-65 kgs. But even if I don't I am so happy I am now healthy and fit and actually feel good about myself. I deffinetly recommend duromine to everyone who has problems loosing weight but what people have to realise is it that it is NOT! A miracle pill that will make you drop the kilos, it's just a little boost to help, you have to change your way or life and how you think and really want to change yourself first before you even consider going on it! Work as hard as you can because it will pay off!


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Oct 24, 2014
Wow congrats to you Hun! Made me feel really positive about taking it! Hoping for no side effects tho!!!


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Nov 21, 2009
Yes! Your words qtd: "Work as hard as you can because it will pay off!" are so true!:)
Seeing people who manage to stay on track and keep losing weight, eating healthy after they finished the pills, is always so motivating. Thank you for your story, Sammybebs! Good luck to you and let you further experience (both in love and health) be as much positive as possible. ;)
@Jesseboo, good luck to you too. Don't hesitate to share your story if you want. We are glad to see new people here. If you need motivation - this place is for you. Have a great weekend ladies!