Exercise To Loss Belly Fat


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Feb 17, 2015
Well can someone recommend any running exercises to reduce the fat off my belly? I'm not really overweight, but the belly fat is really bothering me.. So any idea
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Nov 21, 2009
I'm sorry, afzon, but are you a man or a woman? Because a belly fat in women is kind of normal thing - it ensures normal hormone release. We need hormones for a normal menstrual cycle. If you have a moderate amount of fat in your belly - than it's fine, you can't do pretty much about it. The flat bellies you see on fitness athletes on TV are achieved by special fat burning medications, but I am sure they all have menstrual irregularities. It's a price to pay. But if you have huge amount of fat in belly area, then jogging, crunches (abs exercises), or other aerobic exercises can help. Good luck! :)

Joe Classy

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Dec 11, 2014
Pretty sure "target exercises" is a myth. No amount of sit-ups will help.
And you can't 'choose' where fat goes on preferentially and comes off preferentially.

For instance you can't smash away at your abs and expect to lose fat on your belly. In actual fact if you build up abdominal muscles at a rate faster than overall fat loss then it is possible to 'appear' like you have a larger belly.

You'll need to just steadily loose body fat until you reach your goal; whether that is a specific body fat %, appearance, target weight, target bmi etc..
Having an appearance target might not be the best initial target though, certainly something worth pursuing, but it needs to be realistic. No point wanting to be the size and shape of The Rock, when you're not 6 foot something and dedicated.

Abs will start to show on a male around 12-10% for some, and most of full definition at 7-8%.
So healthy eating to target a net loss in calories and exercise (building muscle) and it will happen over time if you're dedicated and stick to it.
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