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Feb 26, 2015
So I juat got prescribed duromine and I'm very happy! Only on 15 to start off with tho as the doc subscribed!

I've always been up and down with my weight and these past few months im the heaviest I have been 67kilos. Just months ago I was 58 kilos!

Even though im not dramaticly over weight it has always ben an issue- stopped me doing things I wanted to in life even as bad as just nipping to the shops at one point!

My poor partner is on a 4-1 and when ever he's back he wants to so stuff I try look nice spend hours and don't like what I see so I throw tantrums and have a mini brake down. It's so hard to even go somewhere I work 2 hours away from where I live and every time I came home I was shattered and the gym I spent 300 on closed by the time I got back - I even thought of quitting my job just so I had time to work out.

This is not a quick fix for me but its a kick start once I loose a few kilos I will WANT to do more active things and go out more.

I'm so excited, also I've notice alor of people not eating .. I am going to force myself to eat as you need to kick start your metabolism just eat little or even have a protein shake.

I wanted to hear how others feel being on this and their experience and help each other out .. I've just also purchased the kayla itsnes fitness books - they seem very straight forward to follow and she's structured it so well!

I use to ride 10k a day and can't wait to get a bike again With more energy I will have the motive to do it!

I wanted to know how people found it after they came off these? And maybe what exercises everyone's finds best?

This really isn't a quick fix for me its a start to change my life and get healthy again!

Ps- I hope this doesn't mess with my hormones their already a mess