Everything I Experienced On Duromine


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Mar 2, 2013
Hi guys,

I just wanted to write a quick blog to inform you about duromine and what I have experienced being on the drug.

I am doing this because I think there is a lot of bulls#it on the net about the drug, posted my people who have never tried it so I hope I can help you if you are starting out.

Obviously before starting I did a lot of research and I must say I became quite nervous and apprehensive about starting- nevertheless I took my first pill (30mg) at 6am and carried on with my day.

Here's some background
Weight: 71k
Height 177cm

Firstly, I am not obese and had never heard of duromine and had no intention of going on it- it was simply a suggestion from my doctor.

I visited my doctor and told her I was finding it extremely difficult to lose weight. I explained that I had been eating healthy and exercising almost every day and was frustrated because I was seeing no results. All I wanted was to see ANY sort of result, and then that would motivate me to keep going and going - she suggested duromine- simply to give me a HEAD START. I think my problem was I was snacking at night and usually my meal portions would be too big. I also found it hard to live without chocolate.

Basically duromine does 2 things: suppresses your appetite and speeds up your metabolism. This is what 2 doctors have informed me so its not a false statement.

I started mine on a sunday at 6am- it's hard to explain how it affected me that day because I was at a festival all day so wasn't focussing on how I felt etc but I will try. So there is no sudden 'hit' when you take it - it's not like taking a pill at a club and suddenly feeling the hit- it just sort of sticks around (duromine is released slowly in the body throughout the whole day). The first thing I probably noticed was at 11am I just felt very content- a little chatty and very awake- just wide eyed and aware. It was pleasant. There was no 'high' - you just feel good- content. I also felt more energy in me - I wasn't dying to go for a run but I just felt good.
What I can tell you, and this is just from my experience- is that I felt it more that NIGHT around 8pm- that's when I always feel it more. Actually, my pupils alway get quite big around this time and I definitely feel it more- happier, awake, aware- it's always around this time which is strange.

I didn't feel like anything to eat at all - I should have eaten but it was hard as at a festival all day. I had three alcoholic drinks throughout the day and a little bit of a sandwich at around 6pm. For the first time ever, I came home around 9pm and didnt go to the fridge- I wasn't even thinking of food- I was too busy chatting away about the festival.

So first night basically got no sleep- that's something you've got to accept with the drug- but it does get better. It's actually not too bad because the next day the drug will diminish any fatigue- and again you will feel awake and content.

Prob 2 hours sleep second night and then slept way better the next few nights. I think this is because you are so deprived of sleep that your body will eventually conk out and let you sleep after a few days.

Again, not much appetite throughout the day, I had museli in morning and then probably a small salad at lunch and then very small bowl of something rice/stew/tuna usually and then That's it! I don't crave anything else, Im not hungry, Im just not interested in food! It's pretty amazing- the cravings just disappear, they really do.

A huge thing for me that I've noticed is that when I sit down to eat my meal, I sometimes get sidetracked on my phone or watching tv and FORGET IM EATING and then have to look down and go, oh yeah I'm eating this better finish it. For me, I would usually be fixated on my meal and eat it pretty fast- but on duromine- it's just not your priority. Don't get me wrong though you still ENJOY food, it all tastes the same and is enjoyable to eat, it's just not your priority and your not craving or starving ever.

On day 4 i sort of felt like my body was getting use to the pill because I didn't feel as good as I did at the start but I think it's all in your head- in reality I was still eating less and was definitely more awake- so your appetite will always be suppressed when on duromine even if you don't know it.

On day 5 i got the flu. I assume it was from lack of sleep and going hard exercising (I was going for long runs every night). Duromine did not cause the flu but contributed to me getting it. It was a nasty flu and the doctor said to go off duromine so that my body can recover with sleep! I felt like absolute crap - I was also very emotional and I believe this is another side effect of duromine. Things would really irritate me and I was emotional but I was AWARE that I was like this and i was aware that is was probably becasue of duromine and that I was sick - so it's not something I worried about.

I was off duromine for 5 days- amazing that during this time, I almost went back to my old eating habits and would be eating more that I needed to - so I don't think you realise how well it is working while on it and I think you take it for granted so be aware of this. Don't worry though, when I say almost went back I mean I had a craving for chocolate and ate some-not something I would do on duromine.

When I went back on duromine, I felt great. It really is a good drug- yes there are side effects and everyone will be different but it has done a lot for me and I feel the positives definitely outweigh the negatives. Also, you don't have to take it every day- I don't take it on days where I know I will be too busy to eat crap, or when I am hung over and recovering from a night out and want to relax. Also, the doctor suggested that if you find you start to feel hungry at night again, you can take the pill in the afternoon rather than the morning- this will ensure you dont get cravings at night as it usually kicks in good after 6-7 hours. Obviously you won't sleep as well- but your not getting much sleep on duromine anyway...

I've lost 4 kilos from being on it for 2 weeks- but I stopped and started because of the flu. If I didn't get sick if would be more.
I only want to lose a few more and then I will stop using them.

Lastly, below are a few things I experienced whilst on duromine:
-increased sense of smell
-pupils become bigger!
- you will drink a lot of water
-little bit of twitching in muscles

Feel free to ask any questions.

Thanks guys - again this is just my experience- I know everyone is different.


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Sep 30, 2012
yes ur right on the money, apart from I did sleep. im on 40g and have been on it for 5 mths now and have list 30 kgs, I still have 2 mths to go.
they arent addictive other wise e would have to show ID ect when we buy them. my body does not feel the same as when I first started taking them. but as you can see they still work. I go to the gym and have active job. give them a go u can always stop :)


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Apr 5, 2013
OMG fab, we are experiencing exactly the same things! haha, I'm the same way. Eat, gets sidetracked, forget to finish. That...has never happened to me for past 24 years... we are similar in our ages too! Although I'm very short (150cm), not obese but close to overweight (54kg) and bodyfat at a sky level. I forgot exactly what it was, but the last time I checked, it was definitely over 30%. I'm glad to know that some side effects will go away after awhile. I'm on my 3rd day of duromine. Thanks for your nice post!


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May 28, 2013
Is anyone from WA? I don't know how I can get this. I am shorter and weigh more, am interested in trying I've heard great things about it.