Etcha's Duromine Journey


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Nov 3, 2012
Hi All,

I'm new to the forum and thought I might post my weight loss progress each week on Duromine. Not only to get support and advice from others but to track and monitor my progress for myself.

Start Date: 30 October 2012
Sex: Male
Start Weight: 121.2 kg
Goal Weight: 91 kg (Eventually)

I've been on Duromine for 4 days now and I can tell you the first 2 days were horrible. I didn't sleep one bit, my head was so cloudy, headaches, heart palpatations and I started to grind my teeth. I had no appetite at all, in fact I wouldn't even think about food and had to force myself to eat. Sometimes I would like at food and be like...I really don't want to eat that, which is crazy because normally I eat anything all the time!!

So that was the first few days, now I feel incredible. All side effects have gone except I grind my teeth a bit still and I still don't think about food. I feel less bloated and really alert. So now my journey begins.. So I hope to read other peoples journeys as well and maybe inspire others because I am determined to live a healthy lifestyle.