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Jul 6, 2014
Hey guys, I'm quite new to this community but it's great to meet you all ;)! I was wandering I am going to be starting Duromine soon and I want to know has anyone kept the weight off after they have stopped Duromine :)? Thank you and looking forward to your answers ;D!

Rebecca xx


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Nov 21, 2009
Hi Rebecca!
Yes, I used to take Duromine quite long ago and had to lose a great amount. So I did, although it took me nearly two years to drop all the weight that I wanted. I should say that I was very determined and my life changed ever since I started to use these pills. I kept diet, hired personal trainer, then exercised on my own for long time...This became my new lifestyle, so it was like a job. After I finished the pills, I had to continue the same regimen. Basically, I got used to low-calorie diet so I was able to keep my weight stable.

Now I can say that I gained a few kilograms with time, but nothing dramatic, comparing to my old obese state))) So it really depends on you. If you decided to change your life, then weight loss should be your lifestyle for good. But if you choose the pills as a temporary solution and after you stop taking Duromine, you go back to your old eating habits and sedentary lifestyle - then your weight will go back too.
Sad truth.