Duromine, Zoloft & Depression


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Mar 9, 2015
Hi all,
I'm on day 2 of 30mg Duromine and I also take 100mg zoloft daily. So far I feel great.....filled with energy and feeling really happy! Anyone else experience this?
So far my appetite has been decreased heaps and no cravings for naughty food and wine, which is my weakness. Had some trouble sleeping well last night and seem to be gritting my teeth a fair bit.
My Dr. is seeing me weekly as she wants to keep an eye on the interaction of the duromine with the zoloft, so I was expecting to feel really flat and low. But it's actually the oppsite.


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Feb 12, 2015
South Australia
Hello! I have had a great success with Duromine, and I have also had a good and bad relationship with Zoloft. Zoloft does great things for my mental health, but I can't take it because it makes me put on a lot of weight!!! I put on almost 20kg with Zoloft and lost it in 6 weeks just from changing antidepressant, SSRI drugs do change your metabolism. I suggest talking to the pharmacist at the chemist where you pick up your prescriptions - they know a lot about how the drugs engage with your body. I GP is great at diagnosing, but remember drugs are changing all the time and the pharmacist is at the forefront of that. Plus, they just love a good chat! If you want to keep them going for hours ask them about metabolic pathways- you can make your medicine so much more powerful with what you eat and do! Anyhoo, I had good success with Effexor, with no weight gain, but all the SSRI drugs are different and you need to chat to your doctor. Coming off Effexor is hellish. I would really love to chat with people who have used Duromine responsibly, my GP is lovely, I have lost more weight that I could have alone - alone I wouldn't have lost anything, probably gained a few pizza pounds. Please keep me updated! And don't expect Duromine miracles, just a bit support with appetite and energy which will really add up over a few weeks :)