Duromine Time of Use. What to Eat?


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Dec 30, 2013
Well I'm on time off so I've been sleeping all day and staying up all night. Is there any dramma taking duromine at 6pm a few hrs after ive woken up?

I also have a bad chest infection hence why I orginally went to the docter. Does duromine get effected by antibiotics or more importantly vise versa. Both were prescribed at the same time but docter spoke 0 English.

Also since starting it 60 odd hrs ago (30mg generic stuff) I haven't really been hungry at all all I've had a chicken caser wrap and a large smoothie. I've also haven't been drinking a lot of water in 24hrs I'm drinking under 2l (half strength sugar less cordial) mainly because it hurts to drink. I'm not feeling great but no worse than b4 chest infection

Also just b4 staring duromine I started using lipo 6. Should I stop this or skip my 1st dose daily.

But so far so good losing a lot of weight. With no side effects but it could be my chest infection masking some like lack of hunger and waking up at night.

Also thinking when I get a script refill to ask for 40's is that the norm? I have a high caffeine tollerences (used to drink 1l energy drink and 1.25 coke every work day with a diet to match)

Um me details are 28/M 10 days ago I started lipo 6 with a weight 132kg got to about 126kg,now I'm on duromine I'm arround 123.6kg. Bed ridden due to chest infection energy levels are down. But I'm hoping to get to 100kg with a extremely strict diet. Approx half the daily reccomend ammount 4500kj but not even doing that at moment.