Does Phentermine Helps Against Postprandial Hypotension?


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Nov 2, 2012
I am a male of 61 who has problems with his spine since a very young age. Doctors wanted to operate me the first time when I was 19. Some 42 years later I still didn’t have any op. I am managing this with holding my weight and every couple of years I am going onto a strict diet when my weight is too high and I have problems with walking, standing etc.

This year I did it for the first time with Phentermine (Duromine 30). While the good old Effedrine diet pills had only nice, convenient side effects, it took me quiet some time to get used to/control the partly horrible side effects of Phentermine.

Normally I do have Hypertension and Postprandial Hypotension. While being on Duromine I did not have any Postprandial Hypotension, it just did not happen and I got lots of work done every day after eating. Ok, I had to take the occasional laxative for being able to get the digested food out of my system, but with this I could live. (normally I never take any laxatives) I even took less medication for blood pressure and heartbeat, Duromine had most of the time a lowering effect.

Now being off Phentermine, all my old problems are back. I cannot do anything after supper, sometimes even fall asleep while busy eating. Did anyone experience something similar? Is there any other Phentermine product I could try on a permanent basis? Any product that does not kill my sex drive (to me the worst side effect)?