Day 7


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Apr 18, 2014
Hi everyone,
Its been a week since I have started duromine and I have had a positive experience. Ive had some sides effects: rapid heart beat, tiredness and trouble falling asleep. Apart from that I have had no cravings and really little appetite, I am still eating 3 small meals but no snacking.
Ive lost 4.3kgs in the week and im very happy with that, I just hope that my appetite doesnt come back while im on yhe tablets! has anyones appetite returned while on the tablets?

Lanny Edey

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May 1, 2014
It's entirely up to you how you approach your journey, but while on it you really need to make it a life style change as in your eating habits and exercise. I have 6 small meals a day just to fuel the body, just remember your body is a energy machine and it needs fuel. Healthy fuel, nothing refined or modified. But everyone is different, if someone has bad habits while on this tablet once they go off it, well they can't expect to maintain because they never tried to change in the first place. Rock on, stay fab :)
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