Day 10 And Feeling Fantastic!


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May 19, 2014
East of Johanneburg, South Africa
So this is my experience so far........
  • Duromine gives me some cotton mouth - which is a good thing (Water flushes the system of all the bad things)
  • Duromine has deprived me of some sleep but I have a feeling it's the little Duromine cheerleaders motivating my fat cells to move out.
  • I have learned my stomachs limits on food intake - Doesn't mean it can stretch it has to
  • I have lost an amazing 5.9kg in the first week and 5cm around my waist.
  • A total of 26cm has disappeared of my body - NEVER to return again!!!
and as a plus I feel absolutely fantastic and it's only day 10

The side effects were a big thing for me but the positives definitely outweigh the side effects.

SW 138.9
CW 133
GW 75


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May 20, 2014
Feeling just as positive!
I'm on day 13 and yesterday I weighed 103kg down from 109kg!
Problem is the doctor is worried it is too fast. I'm just so happy though!

More food is the key I think. Don't want to lose muscle by not exercising now I'm keen!
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