Day 1

Kim Buckley

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Mar 7, 2015
Well it's 4.30am and I am still unable to sleep, this has been my only issue with it so far, I definitely noticed I didn't need as much food to feel full, a salad plate I had for lunch which I usually finish I found after half way I was too full and ended up having the left over for dinner as well, so that's got to be a good thing. My weight loss goal is 15kgs. My height is 157cm and weight 76kgs. I will do a quick weigh in when I manage to get up, not sure how well my day 2 will be after having no more than an hours sleep through out the night, but I will soon see I guess lol, I have read quite a few forums and have my concerns. But I have been eating super healthy for 5 weeks (zero sugar diet) and exercising 20 mins cardio morning and night, which after 3 weeks increased to 30 mins morning and night, to find myself still gaining weight. So off to the doctor I went. Had full bloods done and checked for anything to worry about, and every test came back up with perfect numbers phewwwww such a relief. So now I have no explanation as to why I am gaining weight even though I am working damn hard to loose the weight. So he recommended that I try duromine. He prescribed me the 30mg and I took my first tablet at 6.30am. Found I was really thirsty all day and drank over 2 litres which is so great. Didnt really notice increased energy, but def found myself unable to sleep lol, I have decided to take it earlier today 5am and hopefully that will be better and be able to sleep tonight. Does anyone know if it's safe to take restavit (OTC sleeping tablet) while on duromine?
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